Nancy Pelosi turned white as a ghost when she saw these numbers

It’s not a Halloween bogeyman keeping Pelosi up at night.

A quick look at Democrats’ spending strategy this election cycle, mixed with shifts in voting blocs and poor economic conditions, should be enough to frighten her out of her leathery skin.

And Nancy Pelosi turned white as a ghost when she saw these numbers.

Democrats spending strategy

To get an advantage in the general election, Democrats spent an estimated $53 million dollars across nine states on GOP primary candidates.

Why would they spend money to help GOP candidates, you ask?

The money was all spent in the primary in an attempt to give Democrats better chances in the November general elections.

That’s because the money was all spent on so-called “unelectable,” “far-right” candidates.

After pouring cash into 13 GOP primaries, it looks like they may have influenced a handful of outcomes.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best way to blow $53 million, particularly when your party claims these people are trying to “destroy our democracy.”

But if the results of that initiative didn’t scare her, she should be more terrified when she reads about the latest voting trends.

Hispanic votes are shifting

Looking at the past few elections, it’s not just working-class white voters gravitating toward the GOP.

Hispanic votes have swayed toward the Republican Party in the past two Presidential elections.

In fact, Hispanic voters believe a GOP Governor can handle the Texas border better.

The Democrats’ advantage with this voting group has declined.

And it has declined not just in this election cycle polling.

The shift has been noticeable in the past few Presidential elections as well.

Surprise, surprise: Hispanic voters are also concerned about economic conditions and immigration.

And like others, they believe the GOP can manage economic conditions and immigration better than Pelosi and her friends.

It’s the economy, stupid

Many Americans, and voters, believe the economy and inflation are going to get worse.

When it comes to Midterms, this should strike fear into Pelosi’s heart.

The economy, inflation, and whispers of a new recession lie with President Biden, Pelosi, and their majority heading into Midterms.

A recent survey showed 43% of respondents were worried about the economy and inflation getting worse under a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Another 18% worry that Democrats will continue spending too much time on Trump.

Likewise, 18% were scared about no checks on Biden’s expanded presidential powers.

But at the end of the day, it’s the economy that is the number one issue for voters.

With their track record, that ought to be enough to give Democrats nightmares.

GOP Midterm results

Recent polls have shown that many voters believe Republicans are better equipped to manage the economy with a House majority.

These potential voter surveys bode well for the GOP.

Democrats have been riding the Roe v. Wade wave in special elections this year.

Pelosi even tried to argue in a recent interview that abortion, not inflation or crime would be the determining factor.

But despite Pelosi’s protests, the issue of abortion has certainly faded compared to concerns over the economy.

And historically, that is a positive sign for the Republican Party in Midterm elections.

Not to mention, Republican voters traditionally show up to vote for Midterms.

The GOP does not have to win too many seats on either side of Congress to win back a majority.

Pelosi can wear whatever costume she wants for Halloween, but she can’t hide from her party’s failed leadership on inflation and the economy.

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