Nancy Pelosi just got caught telling one huge lie about her recent trip to Taiwan

Most foreign policy experts agree that Communist China will eventually launch a military invasion on Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Asia only made matters worse.

And now Nancy Pelosi just got caught telling one huge lie about her recent trip to Taiwan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a Congressional delegation on a trip to Asia at the beginning of August.

Prior to the trip, Pelosi announced that the delegation was planning to stop in Taiwan as part of their tour of Asia.

Pelosi’s announcement infuriated the Communist Chinese government, who viewed it as a violation of the “One China” policy the United States government has followed for years.

Under the “One China” policy, the United States has recognized the mainland of China as the “one true China” while viewing Taiwan as a province and not its own country.

When Pelosi announced the delegation was planning to visit Taiwan, the Communist Chinese took it as a sign that the United States was dropping the “One China” policy and considering Taiwan an independent country.

Biden warns Pelosi ahead of her visit

Critics argue that Joe Biden is in the back pocket of the Communist Chinese after being compromised by his son Hunter’s shady business dealings overseas.

After his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his mishandling of the situation in Ukraine, the Communist Chinese were emboldened by Joe Biden’s weakness and began saber rattling over Taiwan.

Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping threatened Joe Biden over the news Pelosi was planning to visit Taiwan, warning him that “those who play with fire get burnt.”

Communist-controlled state media even threatened to shoot Pelosi’s plane down out of the sky if she visited Taiwan.

As usual, Joe Biden tried to appease the Communist Chinese by alerting Nancy Pelosi that the military agreed she should not visit Taiwan on her tour of Asia.

“Well, I think that the military thinks it’s not a good idea right now,” Biden told reporters at the time. “But I don’t know what the status of it is.”

Despite Joe Biden announcing the military did not think it was a good idea to visit Taiwan, Pelosi and her delegation still visited the country on her last day in Asia.

Pelosi’s visit infuriated the Communist Chinese even more, who responded with a full week of People’s Liberation Army live fire exercises in the waters around Taiwan.

The Communist Chinese also announced it was ending diplomatic discussions with the United States due to Pelosi bringing the delegation to Taiwan.

Pelosi gets caught in a lie

Now that Pelosi and her delegation are back in the United States, tensions are still escalating with China over her trip to Taiwan.

During a press conference about her trip to Asia, Nancy Pelosi claimed the military never told her not to visit Taiwan.

“I don’t remember them ever telling us not to go,” Pelosi said of the U.S. military. “We are very proud of our military,” she added. “Their preparation actually, I think, minimized the impact of the Chinese on our trip,” Pelosi continued, before adding, “so they took very good care of us.”

She also claimed Joe Biden didn’t express concern over her trip as well.

“We do not address questions about our travels before our trip, so in keeping with that I won’t comment on the comment the President made before our trip,” she added.

The Communist Chinese government slapped sanctions on Nancy Pelosi for traveling to Taiwan.

But Pelosi laughed it off, claiming she doesn’t care what China does.

“That is incidental to me, of no relevance whatsoever,” Pelosi said of the sanctions.

Joe Biden’s bungling of foreign policy is dangerous to America.

If the Communist Chinese invades Taiwan, they will likely start by bombing American bases in Japan and Guam.

America would have no choice but to respond to bombing of our military bases.

And Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan could potentially set off World War III.

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