Nancy Pelosi is yanking her hair out over these damning comments

Republicans didn’t get the red wave they hoped for, but they still have a slim majority in the House, which means no more Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Now that Kevin McCarthy is Speaker, many are looking back at Nancy Pelosi’s tenure more often than not with contempt.  

And now Nancy Pelosi is yanking her hair out over these damning comments. 

Nancy Pelosi’s legacy will be shrouded in division and partisanship

For freedom-loving Americans, Nancy Pelosi’s reign as Speaker was a complete and total disaster. 

Over the course of her time in the Speakers’ chair, Nancy Pelosi made it her mission to make America worse off through scores of wasteful spending bills, fruitless witch hunts, partisan projects, and much more. 

But now that conservative House members held Kevin McCarthy’s feet to the fire before he was elected Speaker, major changes are expected in the House.

Along with that, many members of Congress are now speaking out about Nancy Pelosi’s abuses of power. 

One such member is Congressman Scott Perry of Pennsylvania’s 10th district. 

While on ABC’s This Week recently, Perry did not hold back about Nancy Pelosi and her devious and dubious tactics. 

According to Perry, “With all due respect, Nancy Pelosi ran Congress like a prison camp with no accountability. You know, the American people are very, very tired of this gang of seven, gang of eight, literally seven or eight people, or just a few people in Washington, D.C., running all of the policy for the American people.”

He then added, “We can’t just keep doing the same thing under the same conditions with the same management and expect different outcomes. The American people are sick and tired of this endless debt increasing.” 

These statements from Representative Perry are shocking to some but ultimately not surprising to anyone who closely watched Pelosi’s reign of error. 

Nancy Pelosi was easily the most far-left Speaker to ever serve, and her tenure as Speaker was trademarked by one radical move after another. 

At no point did she ever even consider unifying America or making a move that actually bettered America. 

Nancy Pelosi was more interested in lining her own pockets and bowing down to the extreme agenda of the radical Left. 

What to expect now that Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker

Even though Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House, do not expect too much from the new Republican led House, unless McCarthy and the RINOs are forced to keep their promises. 

Kevin McCarthy is not exactly the most principled conservative, and Democrats retain a majority in the Senate, which limits the legislative abilities of the House. 

But the revolt against McCarthy did cause some major concessions in regards to the way the House is run and how legislation is brought to the floor.

Instead of dragging America through one witch hunt after another, such as the impeachment trials and bogus January 6 hearings, expect Jim Jordan and other principled conservatives and others to pursue actual crimes by the Biden administration. 

Whether it be the border crisis, Big Tech censorship, or the Biden Crime Family’s corruption, expect House Republicans to wield their new power to get to the bottom of the Left’s many dubious schemes and crimes. 

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