Nancy Pelosi is sweating bullets over this upcoming court appearance involving her husband

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 witch hunt committee held a dog and pony show hearing Thursday night on primetime TV.

Pelosi was hoping to avoid any distractions.

But now Nancy Pelosi is sweating bullets over this upcoming court appearance involving her husband.

Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul have been married since 1963.

According to reports, around midnight on May 28, Paul Pelosi was arrested on DUI charges for coasting his car into an intersection near Napa Valley, California.

After posting a $5,000 bail, Paul Pelosi was released from jail.

What are they hiding?

Fox News Digital attempted to obtain dash or body cam footage of the events leading up to and during Paul Pelosi’s arrest.

Even though the Napa County District Attorney’s office confirmed that the video does exist, they refused to release it to Fox News.

“The Public Records Unit (PRU) has determined the Department possesses records responsive to your request,” the CHP said in response to a query from Fox News. “However, the Napa County District Attorney’s Office has advised the release of records would jeopardize an ongoing investigation. As such, records are being withheld pursuant to Government Code section 6254 (f).”

Paul Pelosi is currently scheduled to appear in Napa County Superior Court on August 3.

So far, Nancy Pelosi has remained quiet on her husband’s arrest and upcoming court appearance.

Democrat hypocrisy

Of course, Nancy Pelosi is not responsible for her husband driving around California while intoxicated.

But Paul Pelosi’s arrest does highlight the Democrats’ hypocrisy.

Nancy Pelosi supports the Left’s Green New Deal.

She lectures the American people about the importance of shifting away from fossil fuels to less efficient, “green” energy like wind and solar.

Democrats are also telling the American people that if they don’t like high gas prices, then they should buy an electric vehicle.

However, Nancy Pelosi’s husband drives a gas-guzzling, super expensive Porsche.

This is only the latest example to expose Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy.

Despite her strong support for mask mandates, even levying fines against House members who refused to comply, Pelosi was caught several times during the pandemic on camera violating her own rules.

She even got caught maskless at a hair salon while other businesses were forced closed and residents were told to stay home indoors.

Multiple headaches for Pelosi

The last thing Nancy Pelosi wants to deal with right now is a scandal involving her husband’s DUI arrest.

The Midterm elections are coming up in less than five months.

Republicans only need to flip five seats to take back the House and oust Pelosi as Speaker.

Joe Biden’s failed Presidency is dragging Democrats down across the board.

Pelosi believes her only hope to salvage the election is by using her January 6 witch hunt committee to help Democrats win in 2022 and 2024.

But as Democrat strategist James Carville once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Inflation is skyrocketing, sending the price of everything from gas to groceries through the roof.

The supply chain is breaking down, leading to shortages of critical items like baby formula.

These are the issues Americans are most concerned about heading into November.

And Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are going to pay a severe price at the ballot box this fall for ignoring the American people.

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