Nancy Pelosi is keeping one secret from Americans that will turn everything upside down

Nancy Pelosi is hiding something.

It’s a major story.

Nancy Pelosi is keeping one secret from Americans that will turn everything upside down.

Nancy Pelosi’s status in Congress remains one of the biggest unanswered questions following the Midterm elections.

Pundits and elected Democrats expected to suffer a blowout defeat in the Midterms, at which point Pelosi would retire rather than serve in the minority.

But with states still counting votes, there is an outside – but very slim – chance that Democrats could maintain the majority.

In that case, it is believed Pelosi will go back on her word to only serve two terms as Speaker and seek the gavel once again.

No one – however – knows this for certain.

And Pelosi is not even dropping hints about what she plans to do.

Punchbowl News reports:

But this morning, we’re going to focus on the huge question hanging over House Democrats – “What will Speaker Nancy Pelosi do?”

The answer – No one knows yet. And that’s frozen the rest of the House Democratic leadership in place.

Still dealing with the aftermath of the brutal attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi, the speaker hasn’t informed anyone what her plans are. Or at least not anyone who’s willing to disclose those plans. Pelosi will be interviewed on two Sunday shows this weekend, yet we don’t anticipate she’ll be making any announcement on her future.

Of course, a lot of what happens will depend on the outcome in House races, and it may be some time before those are finalized. What’s clear is that Democrats have beaten the odds and kept Republicans to shockingly small gains for midterm election. There remains a chance that Democrats could keep the House. Slim, but possible.

If Republicans win a majority in the House, they could hold a slim 220-115 advantage, at which point Democrats may want Pelosi back as their leader considering the Party avoided disaster on November 8.

The 2022 Midterm elections were one of the most bizarre in history.

All the pundits and pollsters were wrong.

Even though Republicans will end up winning the popular vote by about three points, they could still flip as few as eight House seats and lose ground in the Senate.

And the favorable terrain for Democrats could lead to Nancy Pelosi sticking around for two more years.

Should Nancy Pelosi retire?