Nancy Pelosi has sparked bipartisan outrage over inaction on this crucial plan

When it comes to politicians, few are as disliked as Nancy Pelosi. 

For decades, Nancy Pelosi has been a champion for the far-left, and she has not hid this fact one bit. 

But now Nancy Pelosi is sparking bipartisan outrage over inaction on this crucial plan. 

The time to get rid of Nancy Pelosi is long past due

The truth is, Nancy Pelosi is one of the most partisan, disliked politicians in Washington, D.C. 

Nearly every single freedom-loving American loathes this career politician of the lowest order, and now even some Democrats are beginning to get sick of her after decades in Congress. 

But Nancy Pelosi’s latest move could very well be the end of her political career and many Democrats are speaking out about it. 

The STOCK Act is a law passed in 2012 that prevents Members of Congress from using inside information when purchasing stocks. 

In recent years, politicians from both parties have been pushing to strengthen this bill after several highly-publicized scandals. 

A provision that is gaining traction is a rule that would ban Members of Congress from buying and selling stocks all together. 

However, some Members of Congress are not so excited about this bill, including Nancy Pelosi. 

And Pelosi’s inaction on this bill, which is intended to root out corruption, has garnered outrage from Republicans and Democrats. 

One such Democrat is Abigail Spanberger of Virginia, who has a particularly tough race ahead of her this November. 

When talking about these changes to the STOCK ACT, which Spanberger has pushed heavily for, Spanberger claimed “After first signaling her opposition to these reforms, the Speaker purportedly reversed her position.”  

She went on to say “However, our bipartisan reform coalition was then subjected to repeated delay tactics, hand-waving gestures and blatant instances of Lucy pulling the football.”

Those are very harsh words from a Democrat, especially in an age of such extreme partisanship. 

The end could be near for Democrats’ control of Congress

This infighting amongst Democrats is very unwelcome news just weeks out from the Midterms. 

If Republicans are able to win this November, then Nancy Pelosi will likely never be Speaker of the House again, and major changes will be coming to Washington, D.C. 

Hopefully, if Nancy Pelosi is booted out, Members of Congress can work together on bills like this one designed to stamp out corruption.

Nancy Pelosi is about as corrupt and self-serving as it gets and America deserves so much better. 

It should not come as a surprise to anybody that she is not interested in strengthening the STOCK Act. 

If America hopes to turn this failing economy around, then drastic changes will need to be made. 

That begins with pumping the brakes on rampant out-of-control spending, which has led to the rise of record inflation. 

Once the dust settles, Nancy Pelosi will be remembered as one of the worst Speakers of the House to ever serve this nation. 

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