Nancy Pelosi almost had a heart attack after her own supporters turned on her during a recent event

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Democrats have always had the privilege of never being questioned or embarrassed by their base. 

But it looks like those days may be finally over for Democrats.

And Nancy Pelosi almost had a heart attack after her own supporters turned on her during a recent event.

Democrats always have their base

The Democrat Party has made a living out of never being questioned by anyone within their party or the corporate-controlled media.

Virtually every single news story that has hit the press over the past few decades has always been portrayed as either good for Democrats or bad for Republicans, or something that’s so irrelevant and/or untrue that everyone should ignore it.

Because of that, left-wing radicals have never questioned Democrats’ motives for policies on a regular basis. 

And the same forces that make sure Democrats are always seen in a good light have ensured that Republicans are always the enemy. 

As Democrats have been blessed with unquestionable loyalty by their base, Republicans have been ridiculed and dragged through mud on nearly every issue. 

But it looks like the tables are starting to turn against Democrats, as even their policies are becoming too authoritarian for their base. 

Democrats turning on Pelosi?

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) learned this the hard way at a recent speaking event. 

During the speaking engagement, the Congresswoman was talking on a variety of topics at The City University of New York’s Graduate Center.

But unlike the reception she typically gets from her adoring supporters, this time, members of the undeniably left-wing crowd began heckling her. 

“I came to see a warmonger, but you’re a sad, old drunk!” one attendee shouted, as Pelosi sat stunned.

While security were quickly trying to remove that protester, another got up and screamed at Pelosi, “What happened? When you went to Taiwan, were you looking for Ukraine? Did we blow up the Nord Stream on accident or on purpose?”

Ultimately, security was able to remove all the protestors so the event could go on, but the damage was clearly done. 

Rep. Pelosi, of course, isn’t new to protestors, but usually the left-wing outrage mob directs their ire at Democrats’ political opponents.

A growing number of Democrat voters are waning in their support for President Biden’s proxy war against Russia in Ukraine as it continues to drag on with no end in sight, and Communist China ramps up their aggression toward Taiwan.

In a YouGov poll late last month, just 51% of Americans wanted to financially support Ukraine’s wars with Russia. 

So with more Americans pulling their support for Ukraine and realizing how much money is going into the war effort, the more issues Democrats are going to have with their anti-war base.

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