MSNBC’s Joy Reid is facing calls for major “repercussions” after she unleashed this unhinged and bigoted rant against “white Christians”

Photo by Luke Harold, Public Domain via Wikimedia

Democrats’ media allies are constantly accusing Republicans of espousing hateful rhetoric.

But their biggest voices constantly push outright lies and slander at Christian conservatives.

And now MSNBC’s Joy Reid is facing calls for major “repercussions” after she unleashed this unhinged and bigoted rant against “white Christians.”

White Christians are “overrepresented” in Iowa

MSNBC’s Joy Reid snapped after hearing the results of the Iowa Caucuses, going on an unhinged rant in which she claimed the state was “overrepresented by white Christians.” 

Referencing a call with Public Religion Institute (PRI) pollster Bobby Jones, Reid explained that approximately 61% of Iowa voters are white Christians, while just 41% of voters nationwide identify as such.

This is clearly not her favorite statistic.

Jones told Reid that the only reason white Evangelicals support Trump is that “they see themselves as the rightful inheritors of this country, and Trump has promised to give it back to them.”

“All the things that we think about, about electability, about what people are gaming out, none of that matters when you believe that God has given you this country,” Reid complained.

According to the MSNBC talking head, all white Christians believe “that everyone who is not a white, conservative Christian is a fraudulent American… [and] less real American.”

Moments later, Trump’s victory in Iowa was announced.

“Not only have they failed America, but they’ve failed Christianity”

Reid’s meltdown quickly spread across social media, and things only escalated from there.

Catholic League President William Donohue heard the rant and decided to take action.

In a letter addressed to the President of MSNBC, he slammed Reid for having “attributed” to Christians that they believe anyone other than Christians are “less-real American.” 

Donohue also drew attention to a guest that was on the following day. 

“Tara Setmayer, representing the Lincoln Project, smeared Christians when she referred to them as a ‘death cult,’” Donahue wrote. “She also accused evangelicals Christians of being a national liability. ‘Not only have they failed America, but they’ve failed Christianity.’”

The letter included the CEO of MSNBC parent company Comcast, Michael Cavanagh, as a copied recipient, as well.

These comments should never have been aired

Donohue was quick to point out the double-standard Democrats and their media allies have inflicted on Christians and other people of faith. 

The Catholic League President was looking for MSNBC and Comcast to bring the hammer down on Reid and Setmayer.

“If a guest or host on MSNBC said that Muslims are a ‘death cult’… If it were said that Jews have failed both America and Judaism… If it were said that atheists believe that everyone who is not a non-believer is a fraudulent American, there would be repercussions,” he said.

Donohue finished out his letter asking, “Why have there been no repercussions regarding the anti-Christian remarks made by MSNBC guest and hosts?”

Condemning all bigotry, he said that this conversation “should never [have] been given airtime on television,” and requested a “response to this serious issue.”

It really is incredible the level of hate Democrats and their media allies have for Christians exclusively. 

All the while we are all supposed to pretend that white Christians are the problem.

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