More Democrat hypocrisy on gun control as Biden releases notorious arms dealer

“Merchant of Death” is quite the title.

But that’s exactly who Joe Biden just released back to the Russians.

And what did he get in exchange? A pot-smoking WNBA star in the worst trade of the century.

Biden exchanges arms dealer for Brittney Griner

Media reports broke the story that President Biden cut a deal with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to guarantee the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner.

Griner made headlines earlier this year when she was arrested on smuggling charges in Russia when she was caught carrying vape cartridges with hash oil.

The liberal media fawned over her case and demanded that Biden work immediately to get her released.

Of course, they love her for joining in with the Black Lives Matter protests in kneeling for the playing of the national anthem before WNBA games.

One has to wonder if she’ll change her tune after her country saved her butt from Russian incarceration, but it’s doubtful.

Meanwhile, the man Biden gave back to the Russians, Viktor Bout, was convicted of actually trying to kill Americans.

Biden speaks at gun violence vigil, releases international arms dealer next day

Democrats have no shame in their blatant hypocrisy on guns.

One day they are spouting off about the dangers of the Second Amendment and law-abiding American gun owners, the next day they are releasing notorious Russian arms dealers.

That’s exactly what Biden did.

The day before agreeing to release Viktor Bout for Brittney Griner, he joined with gun control advocates to honor the 10th Annual National Vigil for All Victims of Gun Violence.

His rantings and ravings against Americans owning semi-automatic rifles and shotguns is laughable in comparison to what kind of weapons a Russian arms dealer is likely to once again be spreading across the world, causing unknown levels of death and destruction.

It’s reminiscent of the Obama Administration’s Fast & Furious debacle that saw countless firearms end up in the hands of the Mexican cartels.

That didn’t stop President Obama from demanding universal gun registration, gun bans, and an assortment of other gun control restrictions all while making his animus toward American gun owners very clear.

Let’s not forget the countless liberals cheering on Ukrainian citizens using “weapons of war” to defend their country from Russian invaders all while demanding semi-automatic firearms be banned in the United States.

But then again, they are probably cheering for Biden trading for the release of a WNBA star in exchange for a Russians Arms dealer known as the “Merchant of Death” who is likely to now be found arming Russian sympathizers in Ukraine.

The idiocy and the hypocrisy of the American Left knows no bounds.

Democrats doubling down on gun control

It doesn’t matter that none of their proposals would do a darn thing to stop gun violence, they are going to keep pushing to disarm as many Americans as possible.

Just recently a Democrat lawmaker in Michigan introduced a so-called “assault weapons” ban on the anniversary of the tragic Oxford school shooting.

He had no shame in the fact that he was pushing to ban the type of firearm that wasn’t even used in the shooting at Oxford.

But that won’t stop Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the new Democrat majorities in Lansing from pushing for universal gun registration, “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders, government-mandated storage laws and gun bans, none of which would have stopped the Oxford shooter.

It’s incumbent upon gun owners to oppose any and all attempts to trample upon the Second Amendment.

When any politician says they support “reasonable” restrictions on gun rights, reject it. 

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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