Mitt Romney was seething after Donald Trump dropped this epic truth bomb

Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party.

But the Never-Trumpers think they can take the Party back from Donald Trump.

And Mitt Romney was seething after Donald Trump dropped this epic truth bomb.

Romney’s always been a milquetoast Republican at best

RINO Mitt Romney has given up trying to pretend to be a Republican.

Romney refused to endorse fellow Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee in his re-election bid.

Democrats know they have no chance of winning a Senate race in the solid Red state of Utah.

The Utah Democrat Party failed to run a Senate candidate this year, instead choosing to back grifter Evan McMullin’s run as an Independent.

McMullin was one of the original Never-Trumpers who ran a hopeless Presidential campaign in 2016 pretending to be an “independent conservative.”

After Trump took office, McMullin let the mask slip and became a rabid leftist.

McMullin is a shameless grifter who never repaid the $669,330 campaign debt he owed to vendors and staff from the 2016 race.

Romney said he wasn’t endorsing anyone in Utah’s Senate race because he considered both McMullin and Lee as friends.

McMullin isn’t just a neoconservative Never-Trump hack, he’s a “closeted Democrat”

Democrats are hoping that McMullin can fool enough Utah voters with his bogus Independent image to add another left-wing vote to the Senate.

Mike Lee told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that Romney could end up helping Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stay in power by not opposing a “closeted Democrat.” 

“He’s [Romney] explained that he’s got two friends in this race. When he first told me that, my reaction was, who’s the other friend?” Lee said. 

“Here’s what’s going on: my opponent Evan McMullin is a Democrat running in disguise,” Lee continued. “And so, as soon as Mitt Romney’s ready to, I will eagerly accept his endorsement.”

Trump takes Romney to the woodshed

Donald Trump ripped into his frequent foe Mitt Romney for once again stabbing conservatives in the back.

“Mike Lee is an outstanding Senator who has been abused, in an unprecedented way, by a fellow Republican Senator from his own State, something which rarely has happened in political History,” Trump said. “Such an event would only be understandable if Mike did not perform his duties as a United States Senator, but he has, and he has performed them well.”

“Mitt Romney is the Junior Senator from the Great State of Utah, which I won twice in a landslide, once by beating the candidate, Evan ‘McMuffin’ McMullin, who is currently running against Senator Lee,” Trump continued. “McMuffin does not represent the values of Utah, but neither, as you will see in two years, does Mitt Romney, who refuses to endorse his fellow Republican Senator, Mike Lee.”

Trump already promised to back a Primary challenger against Romney if he runs for reelection in 2024.

“Mike Lee is outstanding and has my Complete and Total Endorsement. Mitt Romney and Evan McMuffin can count on the fact that they will never have my Endorsement!” Trump concluded.

Mitt Romney is determined to do as much damage as possible to conservatives during his waning time in the Senate.

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