Mitt Romney is sulking away after suffering yet another embarrassing loss at the hands of Donald Trump

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Mitt Romney spent almost his entire time in the U.S. Senate fighting Donald Trump and the America First agenda.

And on his way into supposed “retirement” the ruling class RINO has been doing whatever he can to ensure his replacement is every bit the enemy of working class Americans that he’s been.

But now Mitt Romney is sulking away after suffering yet another embarrassing loss at the hands of Donald Trump.

Trump vs. Romney: The surrogate battle 

Carpet-bagging Senator Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) saw the writing on the wall and decided against running for re-election in 2024. 

But the 77-year-old former Governor of Massachusetts was hoping to hand-pick his successor.

And the man Romney wanted to fill his ruling class RINO shoes was former establishment Speaker of the Utah state House, Brad Wilson.

However, Romney and Wilson’s scheme hit a big snag last month. 

The Utah Republican Party officially nominated and endorsed Riverton, Utah Mayor Trent Staggs as its candidate of choice.

“Let’s replace Joe Biden’s favorite Republican with Donald Trump’s favorite Republican in Utah,” Staggs said Saturday following his nomination.

While Staggs ultimately needs the vote of Utah voters in the GOP Primary on June 25, the Party endorsement positions him as the frontrunner over his primary rivals, Wilson and former Democrat turned RINO Congressman John Curtis (RINO-UT), as well as other hopefuls.

And now, it appears as though Staggs’ path to the U.S. Senate just cleared up even more. 

Former frontrunner leaving the race

Despite his name recognition advantage, huge campaign chest and establishment support – including from Romney – all indications are that Wilson will end his campaign.

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that Wilson’s campaign has stopped buying ad time, despite already investing nearly $3 million into the race. 

Voters are currently receiving mail-in ballots, but with Election Day quickly approaching, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that Wilson has reserved no airtime for the remainder of the month – a clear giveaway that the campaign is in the process of coming to a close.

The report goes on to detail that the last ad purchased by the Wilson campaign was back on June 2, more than three weeks prior to election day. 

Furthermore, the Wilson campaign hasn’t utilized Google, Facebook or YouTube ads since May 29. 

“When a campaign comes off the air right as ballots are dropping, it’s a bad omen,” said Republican political consultant Mary Ann Mancuso. “Usually, that’s a sign that the candidate and campaign are exiting the race.”

Money can’t buy everything, but it can buy elections 

Even with Wilson apparently out of the way, the nomination still is not secure for Staggs, who has the endorsement of both Trump and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). 

According to The Salt Lake Tribune report, Rep. Curtis is still spending $150,000 per week on radio and television ads. 

Additionally, OpenSecrets confirmed that the ruling class establishment’s Conservative Values for Utah and Defend American Jobs Super PACs have spent more than $6.6 million either supporting Curtis or attacking Staggs. 

Meanwhile, an internal poll released by the Curtis team showed Curtis in first place with a massive lead. 

According to the poll, Cutis scored 41%, compared to just 14.5% for Staggs and 9% for Wilson. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.