Missouri is taking major action to stop the Left’s grotesque obsession with children

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Democrats continue to push radical gender ideologies on Americans at every level of society.

Most Americans aren’t concerned with the choices adults make but see it as a looming threat to children.

Now Missouri is taking major action to stop the Left’s grotesque obsession with children.

Missouri vows to stop “unfair, deceptive, and unconscionable” transgender surgeries

Missouri is making headlines after issuing an “emergency regulation” that would make it more difficult to practice medical transitions on minors in their state.

The move comes after at least one Missouri practice declined to stop performing the procedures on children.

The action is seen as a band-aid while state lawmakers finalize a proposal to outlaw surgical and hormonal treatments for young people.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey said that the move is in line with current law that prohibits “unfair, deceptive, and unconscionable business practices.”

He added that gender transition practices often ignore the long-term consequences, and that patients can’t consent without the proper information.

In many cases, physicians are concerned that if they discourage treatment, it will lead to attacks by the left-wing outrage mob.

Missouri won’t be so easily intimidated by these so-called human rights activists.

The numbers of adolescent intervention are “skyrocketing”

Bailey made the announcement in a press release on March 20, explaining that “the regulation is necessary due to the skyrocketing number of gender transition interventions” in his state.

He said that the rising numbers make him concerned for the safety of the children.

Of course, Democrats are pushing these ideologies “despite rising concerns in the medical community that these procedures are experimental and lack evidence of safety or success,” according to the Missouri AG.

Under this new regulation, physicians must explain the “experimental” procedures and all the risks.

If people don’t have informed consent, then that would make them liable under the new rule.

Bailey hopes to slow down the trend, and ultimately protect the children in his state.

This all comes as the nation is gripped by debate over the topic, making Missouri a target for activism.

Lawmakers across the country won’t back down regardless of the outrage from the left.

Antifa targets activists that seek to protect children

Missouri isn’t alone in their attempts to outlaw gender reassignment for children.

In fact, there are more than twenty other states currently looking into the matter.

This has been spurred by demonstrations by a variety of groups — not exclusively Christians and religious activists.

Gay and transgender adults have stood alongside Christians to push back on the radical procedures that can put young people at risk.

They’ve chosen this fight despite the fact that they are up against the violence and opposition by Antifa.

At one event in Jefferson City, Missouri, a group of black clad individuals suspected of being Antifa members interrupted the speaker, Scott Newgent, a transgender man who hosts events to push back on the procedures following a near-death experience that stemmed from his own treatment.

Antifa regularly finds themselves at odds with transgender people who stand up for the rights of children.

Newgent’s supporters describe him as “brave” for “staring Antifa in the face.”

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