Mississippi’s Attorney General just gave this powerful insight into what she thinks is next in post-Roe America

The annual March for Life event in Washington D.C. happened this weekend with huge crowds turning out in support of life.

The event had a different feeling this year after the monumental win at the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Now Mississippi’s Attorney General just gave this powerful insight into what she thinks is next in post-Roe America.

America has reached “a new chapter in history”

The 50th annual March for Life recently took place at the National Mall in Washington D.C. 

The event celebrates life and pushes for an end to abortion and this year struck a triumphant tone as the first March for Life in post-Roe America.

While everyone was excitedly waiting to hear her speak, the Mississippi Attorney General responsible for the landmark victory gave an interview to TownHall backstage.

Attorney General Lynn Fitch said that she felt “fortunate to be able to lead the team on the Dobbs case” and that we’ve now started “a new chapter in history and we all get to write it.”

She said that it was time to “empower women and promote life” and that she was elated to see “the justices agreed.”

We need to win the hearts of expectant mothers

Attorney General Fitch explained that this wasn’t just a simple switch in the legal battle. 

Next, the Pro-Life movement has to win the hearts and culture of American women. 

That is where the challenge will come in Fitch believes.

Many factors in the country will need to change to make it easier for expectant mothers to choose life. 

Fitch says conservatives and Pro-Lifers need to work on childcare, workplace flexibility, and especially adoption and foster care.

She says that lawmakers in Mississippi should be focusing on making childcare “affordable and successful.” 

She encouraged Pro-Life lawmakers to remember that the children that we are fighting to protect “are going to be us someday” and that we should focus on supporting childcare.

Fitch lamented that “right now, it costs more to send a toddler or infant to daycare in Mississippi for a year than it does to send a student to one of our fine colleges and universities,” adding that she thought this was “unacceptable.”

Parents need workplace flexibility

She also said that with the rise of working mothers, we should be working to figure out how to make it easier to balance those items. 

She says the Pro-Life advocates typically “lose the young parents who don’t have any options, particularly with young mothers.”

Fitch says people shouldn’t have to choose between having a family and working, adding “We want them to stay invested and be part of the workforce.”

She also highlighted issues in adoption and foster care. 

Fitch says the current processes are “failing our children” and in Mississippi they’re looking to fix this problem. 

She continued, “we need to connect our children with these loving families very quickly, very efficiently” and that they’ve only been doing a disservice to the kids.

Pro-Life gains should “continue to hold strong”

The reporter ended the interview asking her how concerned she was with efforts by Democrats and Biden to “codify Roe.”

 Though the laws they are proposing are much more extreme than what Roe even provided for. 

Fitch is optimistic about the future of the country and doesn’t think that we will turn back the pages. 

But she did say that it’s “unfortunate” that Democrats are pushing for abortion so strongly.

Ultimately, she believes “conservative values and principles will continue to hold strong.”

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