Minnesota state lawmaker is sounding the alarm on this new horrific abortion law in her state

The Democrats have been pushing their pro-abortion message beyond what anyone thought they would ever do.

And every time a radical new pro-abortion proposal comes out it pushes moderates and sane Americans away from the party.

Now one Minnesota lawmaker is pushing to let everyone know about this new horrifying abortion law.

Minnesota passed “most extreme” abortion bill in U.S.

The Minnesota legislature has passed, and the Governor has signed into law, what many  have called the “most extreme” pro-abortion legislation in the United States. 

The Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act passed the Minnesota House last week and then the Senate early Saturday morning. 

Then Governor Tim Walz signed it into law.

Republican lawmakers attempted to Amend the bill nearly three dozen times but were unsuccessful in making the changes that they thought were necessary. 

So now Minnesota law says, “Every individual has a fundamental right to make autonomous decisions about the individual’s own reproductive health.”

That description of the law might sound reasonable to some voters, but Minnesota State Senator Julia Coleman is looking to expose the bill and show the country how “abhorrent” it really is. 

Law also “strips away parental rights”

The Republican state lawmaker appeared in an interview on Fox & Friends to explain what this law will really mean for Minnesotans. 

Coleman was concerned with the universal access to abortions all the way to birth portion of the law, but explained the bill goes further than that. 

She said that the law will essentially “strip away parental rights,” meaning that if your minor child gets pregnan,t then you will have no right to be involved.

She also warned parents that the bill will also allow minors to access methods of “sterilization without parental consent or notification.”

Coleman and her fellow Republicans did everything in their power to make the bill less extreme but every attempt to amend it failed. 

They tried to put restriction on abortions after 21 weeks, prohibit abortion based on gender, and even an amendment requesting that parents be informed about a minor’s abortion.

The radical Democrats wouldn’t budge on any of these moderate, common-sense proposals. 

The fight over the bill proves Democrats’ measures had nothing to do with safety. 

Coleman says, “We even had amendments saying that if you are going to seek a late-term abortion, it must be done in the hospital for the safety of the woman. They shot that down, too.”

The Democrat law will prove “dangerous” and “extreme”

The Senator says the move proves how far Democrats are willing to go, adding, “it’s not only extreme, but now it’s dangerous.”

Coleman has been a Republican for decades, but had her pro-life politics formed following the premature birth of her two boys at 33 weeks. 

She says that doctors suggested that she abort one of the twins in order to protect the life of the other, but she opted against it and ultimately had two healthy babies.

The State Senator says that watching them alive and seeing how they responded to pokes and prods by the doctors showed her how a baby at 33 weeks could feel pain.

Democrats in Minnesota started pushing for this law right after the U.S. Supreme Court after the overturning of Roe v Wade in the summer of 2022. 

Coleman has been fighting back all along the way.

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