Millions of working class Americans’ livelihoods are in jeopardy after the Biden regime made this unilateral power grab

Photo by Anamul Rezwan from Pexels

Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have repeatedly proven that they care more about power and control than what’s best for working class Americans. 

But this may be their most anti-working class move yet.

And millions of working class Americans’ livelihoods are in jeopardy after the Biden regime made this unilateral power grab.

Vincent Vernuccio, president of the Institute for the American Worker, recently wrote an op-ed for National Review in which he revealed that the cherished realm of independent contracting, a lifeline for countless Americans, is under severe threat.

Vernuccio shared the stories of individuals like Shelby Givan, Karen Anderson, and Kim Kavin, who found solace and flexibility in working as independent contractors in their respective fields, and their narratives resonate with millions across the nation. 

Independent contracting is a model that allows pursuing passions, balancing family needs, and generating additional income. 

However, a looming catastrophe now threatens the livelihoods of up to 73 million independent contractors, and casts a shadow over the aspirations of those who might have followed in their footsteps.

On January 10, President Joe Biden’s Labor Department unleashed a new rule that, contrary to its purported worker-centric narrative, spells disaster for independent contractors nationwide. 

Vernuccio contends that the rule, framed as a boon for workers, is a deceptive smokescreen. 

“The Biden administration, which claims the rule will make it easier for workers to get employment benefits, overtime pay, and minimum wage, is really looking out for the interests of labor unions, which have struggled to organize independent contractors and find it much easier to go after traditional employees,” Vernuccio said. “There’s nothing pro-worker about stifling workers in favor of special interests.”

The Biden regime’s repeal of the 2021 regulation, put in place under former President Donald Trump, removes the much-needed clarity in defining independent contracting. 

The previous straightforward approach, emphasizing worker control and entrepreneurial opportunity, allowed individuals to explore new jobs and navigate financial challenges during the pandemic. 

Now, this simplicity has been replaced with ambiguity, threatening to drive jobs away.

While the Biden rule retains the Trump definition, it introduces a convoluted set of tests, making it difficult for workers to determine their status without legal assistance. 

This complexity will undoubtedly discourage independent contracting, leading to a detrimental impact on families, companies, and the overall business landscape.

Vernuccio foresees a chilling effect on independent contracting, as businesses grapple with uncertainty and potential legal liabilities. 

The consequences are dire, as educators, writers, photographers, and truckers may find their careers upended, with the very essence of flexibility and entrepreneurialism stripped away.

The Biden regime’s willingness to sacrifice worker certainty for the interests of labor unions is laid bare. 

In response, Senator Bill Cassidy’s (RINO-LA) Congressional Review Act bill emerges as a short-term hope to block this destructive rule. 

However, Vernuccio argues that the long-term solution lies in the Employee Rights Act, a measure that would reinstate a simple, clear, and unalterable definition of independent contracting.

As the fate of independent contracting hangs in the balance, so do the dreams and freedoms of countless working class Americans. 

Shelby, Karen, Kim, and many others face the imminent loss of the work they love – a devastating consequence of a rule that prioritizes special interests over the well-being and aspirations of the American workforce.

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