Mike Rowe just revealed the best jobs for Americans wanting to avoid the potential economic destruction of the Artificial Intelligence revolution

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It seems like every high-profile Big tech executive is coming out to warn people about the potential downsides of Artificial Intelligence.

They say the technology could end up taking people’s jobs or potentially even end humanity as the world knows it.

But Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe just revealed the best jobs for Americans wanting to avoid the potential economic destruction of the Artificial Intelligence revolution.

Nearly 25% of US and European workers will reportedly be affected by AI

In March of this year, the BBC published an article warning its readers that Artificial Intelligence could displace up to 300 million workers worldwide and “drive down wages” for a variety of careers.

The report also said that it will have a disproportionate impact on “administrative” and “legal” professions.

Citing a report by Goldman Sachs, the BBC stated that AI could replace nearly 25% of work in the US and Europe.

The report indicated that 46% of tasks in administrative roles, and 44% of tasks in the legal profession, could be done through AI automation.

Concerns surrounding AI have made such an impact that Tesla, SpaceX, and OpenMind founder Elon Musk, along with hundreds of other Big Tech leaders, signed a letter earlier this year asking for a “pause” to be placed on training AI systems out of fear that it could pose “profound risks to society and humanity.”

Not everyone shares that view of the Artificial Intelligence revolution that is upon us, though.

Mike Rowe says that AI is “coming for your white-collar jobs” but will spare “skilled labor”

Mike Rowe, a popular conservative TV personality, recently sat down for an interview on The Big Money Show where he discussed the future of AI in the workplace.

While he shares some of the concerns surrounding the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, he shared this optimistic note.

According to Rowe, AI will be “coming for your white-collar jobs,” but will largely leave “skilled labor” jobs alone.

“I haven’t seen any plumbing robots,” Rowe pointed out. “I haven’t seen any electrician robots. And I don’t think we’re going to see any Artificial Intelligence in the skilled trades to that degree.”

Similarly, the Goldman Sachs report also said that these blue collar jobs are probably the safest during an AI revolution.

They believe that only 6% of jobs in construction will be automated or replaced by AI, while 4% of maintenance jobs will be affected.

It seems that Rowe’s focus on empowering skilled labor positions was very well timed.

Rowe’s foundation focuses on promoting skilled trades’ opportunity for “prosperity”

In 2008, Rowe created the mikeroweWORKS Foundation to fight to eliminate negative associations with skilled labor, and empower workers in blue collar industries.

That foundation has provided over $5 million via its Work Ethic Scholarship program to help people develop the trades.

“My foundation has trained nearly 1,700 people in the skilled trades,” Rowe said in his interview. “Many of them are welders, many of those welders are making over six figures. No one believes it.”

He said that people believe that skilled labor is for those who “couldn’t cut it,” but he calls that “nonsense.”

Rowe asserts that there is an enormous potential for wealth in skilled trade jobs.

He said that “for people who master a skill that’s in demand and watch their trajectory, you’re going to find they land at something that looks an awful lot like prosperity.”

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