Mike Pompeo sets the record straight on why Adam Schiff is unfit for this

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has a history of lying and obfuscation.

To Schiff, the walls were always closing in around Donald Trump and his administration, but he always came up short when it came to presenting actual evidence against Trump.

Now, Mike Pompeo finally is setting the record straight on Adam Schiff and why he is unfit for this.

Former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently accused Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) of leaking classified information.

This all comes as Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has blocked Schiff’s appointment to remain on the House Intelligence Committee.

“I know he leaked classified information”

Schiff was chairman of that important committee for four years until Republicans regained control of the House after last November’s midterm elections.

Though the GOP only took control by a few seats, it was enough to give them the power to choose members of House committees.

Especially the vital committees that handle intelligence and defense.

One of the first things new House Speaker McCarthy did, was remove Adam Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff, of course, began whining incessantly.

But it turns out McCarthy had good cause for the action.

Pompeo said, “During my time as CIA director and secretary of state, I know that he leaked classified information that had been provided to him.”

When asked on Fox News why there hasn’t been accountability because such leaks would be a felony or treason, Pompeo said, “It’s a complicated process, right? It’s difficult to pin down precisely what happened. But I could tell you that when we provided information to him and to his staff, it ended up in places it shouldn’t have been with alarming regularity. We could see it. In the end, I decided, I held back information from them as a result.”

Schiff almost ruined the Intelligence Committee

Pompeo later expanded on that thought, saying, “The fact that…Schiff was the Chairman of the…Intelligence Committee almost ruined that committee…Schiff should be nowhere near serving on the Intelligence Committee. I don’t think he should be seeing classified information.”

Schiff indignantly cried foul in response to Pompeo’s accusation, saying, “This is another patently false and defamatory statement from Mike Pompeo. While we understand that Adam Schiff is a favorite target for the failed lackeys of the Trump administration running for president, reputable news outlets shouldn’t repeat these falsehoods.”

But where there is smoke, there is often fire, as Pompeo is not the only one to level these accusations against the California Congressman.

In January 2021, former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell said Schiff and his team “regularly” leaked classified information.

McCarthy worked to plug the leaks immediately

McCarthy recently kicked Schiff and Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA), from the House Intelligence Committee and gave very clear reasons for his actions. 

The Speaker has long said that Schiff is a serial liar, particularly on any matters related to former President Donald Trump and his team. 

And Swalwell of course has been linked to a known Communist Chinese spy through an affair.

But the main target seems to have been Schiff.

Pompeo praised McCarthy for removing him from the panel.

At some point the innuendo and smears from the radical leftwing congressman were going to catch up with him, and Schiff’s removal from the committee, along with that of Swalwell, sends a clear signal that at least on intelligence matters, McCarthy isn’t messing around.

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