Mike Pompeo hints that he knows the truth behind Adam Schiff’s removal from the intelligence committee

Adam Schiff has just been taken off the House Intelligence Committee by Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

So of course Schiff and the Democrats have been on a media blitz trying to cry foul on McCarthy’s actions. 

However, now Mike Pompeo is weighing in and he says that he knows the truth about Schiff’s removal.

Kevin McCarthy made some major waves shortly after being elected House Speaker.

And Adam Schiff is furious and whining to anyone who will listen to him.

Pompeo says Schiff nearly “ruined” the Intel committee

But former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just fired a shot at Adam Schiff after the Democrat was removed from the House Intelligence Committee by McCarthy. 

Pompeo accused Schiff of being a leaker and putting national security at risk.

In an interview with Fox News, Pompeo even went as far as saying that Schiff “almost ruined the committee” during his reign as Intelligence committee  chairman. 

He said that when he was in his role as CIA director his team “didn’t feel comfortable” working with the committee under Schiff.

He also accused Schiff of lying to the American people and claimed that he personally knew Schiff “leaked classified information that had been provided to him.” 

The interviewer questioned Pompeo’s motive in coming forward and asked why he never exposed Schiff during his time in the White House or with the CIA. 

Pompeo responded saying any action would have been “complicated” because it would have been “difficult to pin down exactly what happened.”

Nunes backs Pompeo saying he would “be in a position to know”

Former Republican Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes told Fox News in a separate interview he agreed that Schiff should have been removed from the committee.

He jumped in to support Pompeo’s claims that Schiff had been leaking. 

Nunes said that Pompeo “would be in a position to know” and that under Schiff there were “constantly leaks.”

Nunes says that even more dangerous than leaks, Schiff would “leak things that weren’t so” meaning that he would make up information to give to the media. 

He gave the example of Schiff leaving a top secret briefing and immediately turning to the media and saying, “I can’t tell you what I’ve seen, but it’s really bad.”

Nunes also slammed Schiff’s Russia Hoax narrative against Trump. 

He said, “the whole time that he was accusing Trump and Republicans of colluding with Russians” Schiff was the one “calling Russians, talking to Russians, trying to get his hands on” information that would compromise Trump.

Schiff looking to new opportunities outside of the House of Representatives

Schiff issued a response to Pompeo’s interview calling the statements “false and defamatory.” 

The statement claimed that “Adam Schiff is a favorite target” for the America First politicians and Trump loyalists. 

Schiff claims he believes this is why he’s been removed from the committees.

But Speaker McCarthy made it clear that the reason for Schiff’s removal was his reckless use of his position to push fake information to the public. 

All the while, being given the credibility of someone on the House Intelligence committee.

Schiff might finally have seen that his end in the House is coming. 

He has already announced plans to run for Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat even though she has yet to announce retirement.

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