Mike Pence is about to throw Donald Trump a 2024 curveball that no one saw coming

Donald Trump is a declared candidate for President in 2024.

Former Vice President Mike Pence looked like he was laying the groundwork to run against Trump.

But now Mike Pence is about to throw Donald Trump a 2024 curveball that no one saw coming.

Former Vice President Pence recently embarked on a tour to promote his book, So Help me God, which looked to many like an unofficial kickoff for his 2024 Presidential campaign.

However, polls show Pence is not getting any traction with Republican voters.

Every survey shows Pence in the low to mid-single digits, which is a bad place to start for a candidate with his universal name recognition.

Pence can never win over a large segment of the Trump base due to hard feelings over what happened on January 6.

And since Pence was a loyal Vice President for the four years leading up to January 6, other Trump-skeptical members of the Party want a clear break from that era.

While Pence has no base in a GOP Primary and no path to victory, there could be a graceful way for Pence to exit the Presidential race before suffering a humiliating defeat.

Indiana Senator Mike Braun recently announced that he is stepping down from the Senate in 2024 to run for Governor.

That created an opening for Pence to run for Senate, clear the Primary field, and waltz into elected office.

And there are reports that Pence and his team have not closed the door on this option.

Newsmax reported, “Sources close to Pence noted to Newsmax that the sudden decision by Braun changes the calculus for Pence and offers him a race that is winnable — which can’t be said at this time of the presidential nomination.”

“Mike is a very long shot with Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, and others running,” an anonymous Indiana GOP officeholder told Newsmax. “But if he ran for the Senate, he’d clear the field and probably win with ease in November.”

Pence and his inner circle have not yet ruled out a Senate run,” Newsmax continued. “A source close to Pence told us that he had a conversation with a GOP member of Indiana’s U.S. House delegation last month about the possibility of Braun relinquishing his seat.”

Mike Pence must know deep down that he has no chance to win the 2024 GOP nomination.

But will his ego allow him to accept a lay-up Senate race over a Presidential campaign that is doomed from the start?

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