Mike Pence betrayed conservatives and Donald Trump by what he just said about Biden’s politicized FBI

Mike Pence is fracturing the Republican Party.

Once seen as a figure who could bring social conservatives into the fold under Trump’s leadership, his time out of office has been far less productive.

And Mike Pence betrayed conservatives and Donald Trump by what he just said about Biden’s politicized FBI. 

Former Vice President Mike Pence is asking his fellow Republicans to stay calm after the FBI raid of Donald Trump’s home.

But some GOP members are outraged at Biden’s politicization of the government agency.

While Pence is asking for cool heads to prevail, many Republicans continue to be outraged over the incident.

Pence equates defunding the FBI with defunding the police

The Democrats’ push to “defund the police” has been an ongoing rallying cry since at least May 2020.

Now, Pence claims that some Republicans asking for the same of the FBI is “just as wrong.”

He also said that he’d consider testifying before the House committee regarding the January 6, 2021, incident at the U.S. Capitol.

Pence feels that calling out the politicization of the FBI is troubling, while many clearly see that the Biden administration is using FBI agents as pawns in their political games.

He spoke about the issue at a recent event and tried to remind Republicans they can still hold Attorney General Merrick Garland accountable.

But many Trump allies view the Mar-a-Lago raid as yet another attempt by Biden and his administration to politically persecute the former President in yet another witch hunt.

When any government agency is used to pit one side against another, it sets a very dangerous precedent.

Yet Pence and some law enforcement officials believe that this opinion is only encouraging more upheaval and possible civil unrest.

Is a Pence testimony on the horizon?

Mike Pence feels that he needs to remind Republicans that they belong to the party of “law and order.”

Most people in the party realize that the Trump raid is little more than an attempt to create more bias and political strife.

Pence stated that he’d give “due consideration” if he received a formal invitation to testify on Capitol Hill.

When asked, a committee spokesperson opted to decline commenting about Pence’s recent remarks.

It wasn’t until Wednesday that Pence had ever mentioned whether or not he’d consider speaking to the House committee regarding the January 6 incident.

While his recent statements still don’t definitively say whether or not he’d actually testify, it still feels like a betrayal.

And Pence’s former Chief of Staff Marc Short agreed to give a private testimony in December 2021 after he received a subpoena.

As of right now, House committee members are claiming that Short provided them with plenty of evidence, and that Pence’s testimony isn’t likely needed.

But the fact that he’d still be willing to consider doing so if he were formally asked is definitely making waves in Washington, D.C.

While Pence views the outrage at the FBI as an attack on law enforcement, some Republicans see the FBI’s actions as a clear-cut case of government overreach by a rogue agency.

Ultimately, the question will be who will stand on the side of liberty and who will take sides with the current administration.

Even if some Republicans might agree with Pence’s stance, many more view these recent statements as a form of betrayal.

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