Michelle Obama shockingly made one statement that blew up the Left’s entire narrative

Barack Obama pretended to be a moderate when he first ran for President.

Only later did the Obamas show their true radical colors.

But Michelle Obama shockingly made one statement that blew up the Left’s entire narrative.

Michelle Obama was never as good as Barack Obama at hiding her radicalism.

She said that Barack’s election was the first time she felt proud of her country.

She later softened her image into an Oprah Winfrey-esque figure, but the hard-left politics never went away.

But during a recent discussion, the former First Lady recounted a story that undercuts the Left’s entire grievance narrative.

Obama explained, “When I think about what my dad, as a black man with M.S., could’ve done; he could have never worked a day in his life . . . [H]e could have collected benefits; he could have succumbed to his disease and be depressed about it, but he didn’t. He never felt sorry for himself, he never expected others to do for him, and just the sheer act of him getting up every day and going to work was a statement that – ugh, now I’m going to cry – that stays with me every day of my life.”

She later lamented the fact that her father did not get to see her success because his work ethic built the seeds of success.

Obama continued, “[H]e is not here to see any of it, and so much because of him . . . What my dad did was beyond money, title, influence, nothing. I would trade it all for what my father provided us in that little bitty apartment on 74th and Euclid.”

This is an amazing statement that flies in the face of everything the Left stands for.

They are obsessed with Marxist dialectic materialism – the haves versus the have-nots.

But they rarely talk about human capital like work ethic, integrity, and knowledge.

Obama herself said that she wouldn’t trade those qualities for money, title, and influence, but that is precisely the ethos of the Left.

Everything is transactional – the state must take from one group in order to give to another.

Hard work, personality responsibility, and fiscal literacy have become conservative values that the Left mock.

Obama lauded her father for not taking welfare benefits when he could have.

Only in rare moments of honesty will leftists concede that those conservative values are superior to their grievance industry complex.

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