Mexico is on the brink of collapse after one paramilitary group decided to take a stand against the drug cartels

Photo by David Peinado from Pexels

There’s been some very troubling news coming from south of the border.

And this latest story was inevitable as crime runs rampant in Mexico.

But now Mexico is on the brink of collapse after one paramilitary group decided to take a stand against the drug cartels.

Unbearable Crime in Mexico

Most people regard North America as one of the safest continents to live in.

And compared to other continents, North America is exceptionally safe.

With Canada, the United States, and the two-thirds most northern part of North America, the quality of life is exceptional compared to most of the world.

But once you cross the Rio Grande, it’s a totally different world.

Streets in Mexico have become a war zone thanks to the drug cartels.

In some parts of Mexico you don’t know if you’re more likely to be stopped by a police officer or a member of the cartel at a checkpoint.

And the crimes and violence committed in Mexico don’t just stay south of the border.

The drug cartels are funneling ungodly amounts of Fentanyl and other deadly drugs across the border into a street near you.

Not to mention the other crimes that they promote, like human trafficking.

But for some reason, both Mexican and American leadership could care less about the crimes and violence taking place in the country.

They would rather ignore the infestation of the drug cartels than challenge them and fight for the poor families under their control.

When there is a void of safety, the community will often take action into their own hands.

And that’s exactly what some Mexicans are now doing.

Mexicans fighting back?

According to reports in Southern Mexico, there is a paramilitary group that has taken up arms in defense of their communities against the drug cartels.

The group calls themselves the Civil Army of the Indigenous People of Panthelo.

And this group has been posting messages and videos online claiming that because their government has refused to do so, they are taking a stand against the drug cartels in southern Mexico.

The rise of this new paramilitary group isn’t shocking, as parts of Mexico are in complete lawlessness.

In the Mexican state of Chiapas, which is the same state that the Civil Army of the Indigenous People of Panthelo emerged from, sixteen officers at a precinct were taken hostage by the drug cartel.

Only time will tell if this group makes a difference, but you can’t blame the people of Mexico for finally standing up to both their corrupt government and the drug cartels.

And even though this is taking place in southern Mexico, Americans need to pay attention to what is going on because there is nothing separating them from the drug cartel.

There is no longer a border, and the Biden regime is taking as many steps as they can to further open the southern border.

Should the U.S. government officially declare war on drug cartels?