Mexican drug cartels just issued a bone-chilling warning to all Americans with one gruesome campaign just south of the border

Photo by Rawpixel, Public Domain

Americans need to wake up to the chaos happening at the Southern border.

It’s worse than you’d ever imagine.

And now Mexican drug cartels just issued a bone-chilling warning to all Americans with one gruesome campaign just south of the border.

The issue no one is talking about

Americans have a lot going on these days.

When the price of gas isn’t going up, they are watching part of their paycheck go down the drain with inflation skyrocketing like never before.

Then you have many Americans who are fighting for their right to keep and bear arms, and all the while criminals are running rampant on the streets with little respect for the law.

Because these criminals know at the end of the day that nothing is going to happen to them if they do something to you.

And then you have the government itself targeting law-abiding Americans just because they have a different political belief than the ruling class elites.

The list of issues Americans are suffering from in 2023 goes on and on.

But there’s one issue that keeps getting overlooked by the media, and working class Americans alike.

The chaos at our southern border is worse than it’s ever been.

There is little holding back tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding into the United States every day.

The entire world’s population is seemingly at the southern border just waiting to get in.

These illegal aliens aren’t just average families fleeing communism in Central America, either.

Members of Hamas have crossed into the United States, and Communist Chinese nationals have also run across the Rio Grande.

It’s not just people running across the border, but also the crime they bring that is influencing neighborhoods and towns across the United States.

Fentanyl deaths and overdoses are related directly to the unchecked and uncontrolled drugs that come with illegal immigration.

Human trafficking is at an all-time high in the United States with thousands of children, and women being put into sex slavery after being trafficked across the southern border.

And most of these crimes are being perpetrated by drug cartels in Mexico and throughout South America.

Terror just hours from Texas

Two towns in the central part of the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas were subject to terror that is unimaginable here in the United States.

The towns of Abasolo and Jimenez were targeted by a convoy of at least 25 cars filled with drug cartel thugs.

This convoy rolled into Abasolo and Jimenez, set part of the town on fire, shot up random homes, and then abducted people at random from their homes.

The American people need to wake up before this terror is at their doorstep.

Are you prepared for the crime coming from Mexico?