Merrick Garland was humiliated after this top Democrat unloaded on his lack of transparency

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Merrick Garland has used and abused the Department of Justice since he became Attorney General in order to achieve the political goals of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

This has involved bogus political witch-hunts, flagrant abuses of power, and more. 

But Merrick Garland was humiliated after this top Democrat unloaded on his lack of transparency.

Even some Democrats are waking up to Merrick Garland’s corruption

Instead of enforcing federal law, Merrick Garland has abused his authority as Attorney General to attack former President Donald Trump and other political enemies of President Joe Biden and Democrats.

Republicans have cried foul in regards to these abuses for years now, but it looks as though some Democrats are also waking up to the Biden regime’s corruption. 

More specifically, Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) just blasted the Department of Justice for their lack of transparency regarding the ongoing case surrounding Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents.
Last Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation, Senator Warner was asked by host Margaret Brennan if he had “clarity” on the classified documents situation.

“Senator, before I let you go, I want to just follow up on what you shared with us when we spoke back in January, when you were very frustrated that the administration wasn’t sharing more information about the classified materials improperly held by the current President when he was out of office and the former President,” Brennan said. “You’ve been briefed. Any more clarity on this? Any further information?” 

“We need more information about these documents,” Warner replied. “And more importantly, we need to make sure that what the intel community has done to mitigate the harm. And we’re still in conversations with the Justice Department, the administration’s position does not- does not pass the smell test.” 

“We’ve got a job not to go into the legal ramifications, but to make sure that the intelligence community has done what’s right,” he added. “And we’ve got some additional tools, we can restrict some of the spending. We’re in active conversations with the Justice Department. But we’ve got to get those documents.” 

As Senator Warner notes, the Biden regime has been very careful to keep their cards close to their chest. 

Following the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home, public outrage instantly ensued, and if the Department of Justice has nothing to show for it then it will look very bad on them. 

At the very least, lawmakers want to know why these documents are so closely guarded, and what the Department of Justice is doing with these documents. 

Americans deserve to know the truth behind Merrick Garland’s shady investigations

If Democrats like Warner are calling Attorney General Garland and his bogus investigations into question, it’s difficult not to assume something funny is going on. 

It has been months since the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, and to this day, the American people – and apparently, the United States Senate – have no clue what was found. 

Joe Biden’s entire Presidency has been trademarked by this authoritarian style of “justice.”

This investigation – not to mention all the other investigations into Donald Trump – proves that America’s criminal justice system has eroded into something very sinister. 

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