Merrick Garland is losing his temper after being called out for this disgraceful double standard

It has become painfully obvious that the Department of Justice only cares about one thing, and that is advancing the interests of the Biden administration. 

Instead of enforcing the law in a fair way, Merrick Garland and his jackbooted DOJ goons are more interested in trying to stop their political rivals. 

But Merrick Garland is losing his temper after being called out for this disgraceful double standard. 

Every decision Merrick Garland makes is entirely motivated by politics

The sad truth is, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice, led by Merrick Garland, has no interest in fairly upholding the law, or meting out justice equally. 

These political hacks at the DOJ are only concerned how to best use their power and influence to advance the cause of the radical Left and help usher in the Socialist “utopia” they want. 

Such political favoritism was pointed out by Congressman James Comer (R-KY) recently on CNN’s State of the Union

Comer, who was recently named Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has made it clear he will launch investigations into the DOJ and their politicization and weaponization.

Congressman Comer took a look at the clear differences between how the Department of Justice handled the Trump classified document case and how they are handling the Joe Biden classified document case. 

According to Comer, “My concern is that special counsel was called for, but yet hours after that we still had the President’s personal attorneys who have no security clearance still rummaging around the President’s residence looking for things. That would essentially be a crime scene, so to speak, after the appointment of a special counsel.” 

He added, “We have a lot of questions for the Department of Justice, and hopefully, we’ll be getting answers very soon. We just want equal treatment here with respect to how both former President Trump and current President Biden are being treated with the document issue.” 

Rep. Comer and other Republicans have every right to be outraged by this obvious and flagrant double standard that exists within the Department of Justice. 

America’s entire justice system is predicated on the basic idea of equal treatment under the law, and this double standard, which is being perpetuated by the Department of Justice, is a national disgrace. 

The American people deserve to know why this double standard exists at the Department of Justice, and just how far this double standard goes. 

House Republicans must prioritize investigating the Department of Justice

Of course, it almost goes without saying that the Department of Justice was very corrupt and politically motivated even before Joe Biden took office. 

They relentlessly attacked President Trump during his time in office and worked hand in fist with Twitter to shut down conservative and pro-Trump voices leading up to the 2020 elections.

And of course, they continue to cover up and stonewall any criminal investigations into Hunter Biden, despite the ample evidence against him from his infamous laptop.

Simply put, everything the DOJ does is geared to advance the cause of Joe Biden and the Democrats. 

Moving forward, Republicans must use their newly acquired majority in the House of Representatives to launch real investigations with teeth.  

The American people deserve to know why the Department of Justice has been effectively compromised by the radical left and their extreme special interests. 

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