Mel Gibson’s quiet resurgence just took a major turn that has the woke outrage mob losing their minds

Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Mel Gibson has slowly been returning to the big screen after some poor behavior led to a long hiatus for the movie star. 

Fortunately for his fans much of his previous work is still available to stream. 

And now Mel Gibson’s quiet resurgence just took a major turn that has the woke outrage mob losing their minds.

“You have the right to remain unconscious — Anything you say ain’t gonna be much”

Australian native Mel Gibson honed his acting chops in the late 70s in the land down under, particularly in the Mad Max franchise.  

Following his performances as Max Rockatansky in three Mad Max movies, Hollywood came calling. 

Gibson’s early work actually showed off his range as an actor. 

There were some flops along the way, like 1990s Bird on a Wire with Goldie Hawn, but movies like Tequila Sunrise, Air America, Forever Young, the Man Without a Face and Maverick – not to mention starring in the titular role in Hamlet – all showed different sides of the movie star. 

Then came his role as William Wallace and it changed the game for Gibson. 

He produced, directed and starred in the hit epic, Braveheart – making him one of the hottest properties in Hollywood. 

Gibson remained a reliable go-to for Hollywood executives for the next decade until his mega hit, Passion of the Christ

The award-winning movie turned Democrats and their media allies against him. 

And Gibson didn’t do himself any favors, giving the woke mob an opening to blacklist the star actor from the industry. 

But in recent years, Gibson has been dipping his toes back in the movie-making waters.

For example, in 2022, he co-started in Mark Wahlberg’s faith-based film, Father Stu.

“I don’t make things complicated — That’s the way they get, all by themselves”

However, for many fans, Gibson will forever be remembered for his role as Martin Riggs in the Lethal Weapon series.

And if you’re a fan of the franchise, you might have a busy month ahead of you. 

All four flicks will be available on the streaming service, Max (formerly known as HBO Max) starting July 1. 

The first Lethal Weapon movie was released in 1987, and featured Gibson as a suicidal cop who finds new meaning in his partnership with fellow police officer, Roger Murtaugh – played by Danny Glover. 

Riggs and Murtaugh were back for a buddy-cop sequel just two years later – this time joined by the unforgettable character, Leo Getz, portrayed by Joe Pesci. 

Three years later, the gang was back together for Lethal Weapon 3, this time fighting to bring down ruthless arms dealer in time for Murtaugh to retire – after all, he’s “too old for this s**t.” 

And the final installment of the series came in 1998, eleven years after the original popcorn flick. 

Lethal Weapon 4 added comedian Chris Rock to the mix to freshen the feel. 

And it worked, with Rock and Pesci coming together for one of the most memorable scenes of the entire franchise. 

There could be some strategy at play with Max bringing in the Lethal Weapon franchise. 

According to IMDB, Max is working on one more film for the franchise. 

Right now, it’s set to be called Lethal Finale, and would be a Max exclusive. 

There is no word yet on when the fifth and final Lethal Weapon movie would be released, but reports indicate that both Gibson and Glover are signed on to reprise their roles.

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