Megyn Kelly shocked fans when she did this to Ron DeSantis live on air

Screenshot via Youtube, NBC News

Megyn Kelly has been known to turn some heads throughout her career.

But of all the things she’s done this act caught everyone completely by surprise.

And Megyn Kelly shocked fans when she did this to Ron DeSantis live on air.

Megyn Kelly is a force in the conservative movement

Odds are most conservatives can name at least a handful of conservative commentators who have shaped the political discourse over a generation.

Names like Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck come up as some of the game changers in the conservative movement.

But another name that comes up a lot is former Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Kelly came into politics and political commentary the hard way.

She went to law school, became a political contributor for a local news station, and ended up getting picked up by Fox News as a frequent guest on many shows.

Over time, her guest appearances turned into her having her own big time role at Fox News as the lead anchor for America Live.

And while at Fox her career bloomed.

You never knew what she may say, but you knew that she was going to say exactly what she thought.

And that’s what viewers crave.

Most people can’t forget how she straight up called out Karl Rove on the day after the 2012 election for downplaying Obama’s victory over Romney.

But like many other great conservative commentators, Fox News cut Kelly, who has gone on to do her own podcast.

On this podcast, Kelly has shown that she is still willing to go after some of the biggest names in the conservative movement.

And Kelly’s latest target is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Megyn destroys Ron

Ron DeSantis has had a pretty good start to his campaign, but the Republican establishment and their media allies have whined that he hasn’t talked to the media enough.

And during her podcast, Kelly told her audience that Governor DeSantis needed to “grow a pair.”

It’s not about me, but he’s got to grow a pair,” Kelly claimed. “Like come on for an adversarial interview, go with somebody who’s going to ask you some tough questions. Be a man. I’m sick of the duck and cover drill that he’s doing only with friendly media. Would you grow up? I’m not adverse to DeSantis, but he’s got to get some tough questions. Who has he done? Who has he done that’s asked him tough questions?”

“Why is he not on the list?” she added. “We’ve asked him a million times, we asked again this round. He’s too chicken.”

Love or hate DeSantis, Megyn Kelly is right.

For him to be an effective candidate in this primary, and possibly general election, he is going to have to take questions from both friend and foe.

Will Ron DeSantis be the Republican Presidential nominee?