Meghan Markle made one decision during a recent African trip that sent Nigeria’s First Lady into a fit of rage

eNCA, CC BY 3.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been having a rough go of it.

Their unquenchable desire for attention and unbridled superiority complex has rubbed everyone the wrong way.

But Meghan Markle made one decision during a recent trip to Africa that sent Nigeria’s First Lady into a fit of rage.

Don’t follow Meghan’s example

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently made a visit to Nigeria as part of their continued effort to ensure everyone on Earth despises them.

But Nigeria’s First Lady was left rather unimpressed with at least some aspects of the visit.

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu’s wife, Oluremi, who also serves as a Senator for the nation, recently lambasted Markle’s choice of clothing after the visit, saying she “bared too much skin.” 

And according to the New York Post, Tinubu joined others in saying Meghan should have dressed “more modesty” while in the majority-Muslim nation.

“The message is we have to salvage our children,” Tinubu said after the visit.

“You know, we see the way [western women] dress,” she added. “They keep forgetting that Nigeria, we are beautiful… We see what is going on, you know? We are not having the Met Gala. And everyone, the nakedness, is just everywhere, and the men are well-clothed.”

“So we have to do something,” she continued. “Tell them the way it is. We don’t accept nakedness in our culture. That is not beautiful. It’s not beautiful at all.”

Tinubu further said Nigerian ways are just fine for Nigerian women and girls.

Why did Meghan come to Africa?

“They are beautiful girls. But they should be confident in who they are. They don’t want to be — even they are mimicking and trying to emulate film stars from America,” she said.

The Nigerian First Lady then proceeded to question Markle’s entire visit.

“Why did Meghan come here looking for Africa?” Tinubu asked. “That is something we have to take home with [us]. We know who we are and don’t lose who you are.”

She went on to say women need to become unifying forces.

“When mothers stand with you, the house is in order,” Tinubu said.

“Looking ahead, we must endeavor to become the unifying force in our homes and our communities, to bring about greater prosperity for our nation,” she added.

Prince Harry and his wife arrived in Nigeria on May 10 in order to “champion mental health for young people affected by conflicts and to promote the Invictus Games.”

They also wanted to try and turn around the perception most everyone on Earth has of them in order to improve their failing “brand.”

But as has been the case with the couple for years now, their trip ended up causing even more controversy.

Since leaving the British royal family, they’ve failed in virtually every venture they’ve undertaken, and what few fans they have left are being turned off more and more with each passing day.

And as their Nigerian trip showed, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may now be too disconnected from reality to ever turn things around.

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