Media Research Center issues major warning about the son of billionaire George Soros

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George Soros is viewed as a shadowy figure who quietly uses his immense wealth to force the woke extremist agenda on the entire world.

Now he’s decided at 90 years old that it’s time to retire and turn over his empire to his son. 

But before anyone could celebrate his retirement the Media Research Center issued a major warning about billionaire George Soros’ son.

Alex Soros has been “given the keys” to his father’s empire

The Media Research Center is issuing a warning to freedom lovers around the world about the retirement plans of woke extremist billionaire George Soros.

The MRC has conducted a study on statement’s made by Soros’ son, Alex, and in his own words, he’ll be “even more radically leftist than his father.”

“Alex has shown himself to be even more radically leftist than his father, on issues ranging from supporting abortion and climate change activism to outright anti-American propaganda,” the MRC report stated. “He considers overturning of Roe v. Wade as one of the ‘worst’ days in U.S. history…”

The billionaire’s son openly refers to the Republican party as “the confederacy,” and now, “he’s been given the keys to a philanthropic giant that funnels hundreds of millions of dollars into organizations promoting extremist causes in the United States and abroad…”

The study showed where Alex Soros has stood on a variety of consequential issues.

“Obsessed with abortion’ and normalizing “sex work”

In the study, the Media Research Center found previous comments in which Alex Soros stated that former President George W. Bush “was a criminal deserving of impeachment,” while also maintaining that President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal shouldn’t be criticized at all. 

He has made public statements that show he is “obsessed with abortion,” and believes that “gender equality isn’t possible” without the practice, which has resulted in the deaths of millions of children.

He also believes that “sex work” should be decriminalized, despite societal damages.

Perhaps one of the most troubling stances that Alex Soros takes is on freedom of speech.

He is a vocal advocate of suppression of speech on social media platforms, and pushed President Biden to squash whatever Democrats deem to be “disinformation” – aka information that is inconvenient to their lies and narratives.

He has also said that the Republican Party is singularly responsible for all so-called “misinformation” online.

The authors of the study said that Alex Soros could be far more dangerous to what freedom still exists on Earth than his father.

“More political” than his father

“George Soros, who has bedeviled conservatives for nearly two decades, has found a successor who is even more radical,” Joseph Vazquez and Tom Olohan wrote, adding “even Alex admits he’s ‘more political’ than his father. And that should terrify Americans, especially conservatives.”

“With new, young blood in leadership and a multibillion-dollar political war chest, the elder Soros has guaranteed that Americans will be fighting the utopian ‘open society’ movement he built for decades to come,” they added.

George Soros has expressed concern about one-sided influence in the past.

However, as Vazquez and Olohan note, “Alex managed to eliminate whatever fears his father had about OSF maintaining leftist ‘dynamism.’”

And it looks like he’ll be moving forward full steam with even more woke extremist schemes.

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