McDonald’s just kicked off a fast food battle royale with one move that has its competitors in a panic

Dirk Tussing from Chicago IL, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The cost of living crisis caused by Joe Biden’s failed left-wing economic policies has skyrocketed the price of virtually every good and service working class Americans consume.

It’s reached a point in which surveys have indicated that the overwhelming majority now consider taking their family to a fast food restaurant as a “luxury.”

And McDonald’s just kicked off a fast food battle royale with one move that has its competitors in a panic. 

Even fast food is getting too pricey

Regardless of your political views, the fact that it’s getting harder by the day to put food on the table is undeniable.

Year-over-year prices on nearly every product and service – especially those that are needed for survival, like food and shelter – have been skyrocketing. 

Of course, the wealthy elites aren’t feeling any pain from the Biden cost of living crisis.

But working class families are feeling the pinch as they struggle to make ends meet.

Back in 2019, a price for a dozen eggs hovered around $1.40. 

Fast forward to 2022 and the price for a dozen eggs skyrocketed to an average of $2.80. 

Pick your affordable food option, compare the prices from 2019 to today, and you will see that the price has significantly increased.

Even fast food, which was previously an affordable option for the working class, has seen its prices increase to the point in which many families can’t even afford it.

When fast food took off with the expansion of McDonald’s, the fast food giant made its name by having affordable food for all members of the family. 

And those value menus have became a staple for American families. 

Now, most fast food chains have stripped “value items” off their menu.

And the items they do consider to be value items are laughable – who is going to spend $3 on a side of fries?

And as a result of losing their value menus, fast food chains have been losing consumers in droves. 

Value meal price wars have begun

But now, there is a massive push by many fast food chains to bring back the value items. 

First, Wendy’s had the $5 biggie bag, and then a couple weeks ago, Burger King came out with their own $5 value meal. 

But the real king of fast food has entered the race, and could start a pricing war that could benefit us all. 

So what do you get from McDonald’s for $5?

You get either a McDouble or a McChicken with a small fry, four-piece Chicken McNuggets and a small soft drink.

Time will tell if consumers flock back to fast food as it becomes affordable again. 

But if the buying picks up, get ready for a price war between Wendys, Burger King, and McDonald’s that could benefit everyone.

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