McCarthy says that there will be no passage of defense spending legislation without this major corrective action

The 2022 Midterms might have been underwhelming, but the GOP did manage to narrowly retake the House of Representatives.

That means Republicans have a real chance to force changes to legislation using the power of the purse as a negotiating tool.

Now McCarthy is giving us a preview of what that might look like, saying there will be no new defense spending unless someone fixes this major problem.

Military is facing decline after less than two years under Joe Biden

The US Military is facing a stark and sudden decline under the Biden administration. 

Biden has ripped apart the ranks by forcing military members to endure regular attacks on their race, political beliefs, and faith.

Now following the total demoralization of the armed forces, they are all struggling to recruit. 

According to the US Army, they’ve fallen 25% short of their recruitment goal in 2022.

To make matters worse, the federal government is forcing all the military branches to fire eligible service members over their vaccine status. 

Over 19,000 soldiers have been affected by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate

This has been a highly controversial topic and according to US Military data over 19,000 service members have been let go or suspended for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. 

McCarthy is pushing to end these rules and help bolster enlistment.

Now someone is finally drawing a line in the sand.

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on Sunday Morning Futures this week where he promised that he wouldn’t pass the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) until the vaccine mandate is axed.

He says that Congress should lift the vaccine mandate “because what we’re finding is, they’re kicking out men and women that have been serving at a time the military is suffering for enlistment.”

McCarthy is optimistic after talking to Biden about the mandate but White House says “maybe”

McCarthy showed optimism while saying he had been working directly with Biden to bring an end to the COVID vaccine requirement. 

“I’ve been very clear with the President, the President worked with me on this,” he said.

The White House seemed to confirm this in comments to Reuters saying “Leader McCarthy raised this with the President and the President said he would consider it.” 

This seems a little less certain that anything will change regarding this mandate.

They also said that “the Secretary of Defense has recommended retaining the mandate, and the President supports his position.” 

“Discussions about the NDAA are ongoing,” the White House added.

Ron Johnson suggests voting on vaccine mandates in Senate

McCarthy isn’t the only GOP lawmaker that has been fighting for this cause.

Ron Johnson is taking on the case in the Senate and he’s not going to be quiet about it.

“Before moving forward on NDAA, the Senate should vote on ending the insane COVID-19 military vaccine mandate,” Johnson said on Twitter.

“Bottom line: the COVID-19 vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission,” he added while questioning why Biden is still forcing soldiers to choose between a shot and a job.

If it turns out to be true that Biden will move to rescind the mandate, then we could finally see a world where GOP pressure makes some changes to the radical agenda.

This could be a turning point in the authoritarian overreach Americans have been living through under the Biden administration.

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