Matt Gaetz just made an announcement that left Democrats red with rage

Democrats have been wielding their power to control Congressional committees for their own partisan ends.

But because Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives in last November’s elections, that’s all about to change.

And Matt Gaetz just made an announcement that left Democrats red with rage.

Democrats have tried their very best to make political hay out of the events that occurred on January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C. 

They have even called the four-hour trespassing at the Capitol an “insurrection.”

Not surprisingly the January 6 Select Committee set up by Democrats to “investigate” the events devolved into little more than a partisan witch hunt and for some, like former Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-DC), it became an obsession.

It’s time to come clean and reveal the truth

But now, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has promised that Republicans will release over 14,000 hours of never before-seen footage from January 6.

This comes after years of misleading claims and outright lies by Democrats and federal law enforcement about what actually happened on that day.

In an interview with conservative commentator Charlie Kirk, Gaetz said, “Kevin McCarthy told us he’s going to get the evidence out in front of the American people, and that means releasing the 14,000 hours of tapes that have been hidden. This would give more full context to that day rather than the cherry-picked moments the January 6th committee tried to use to inflame and further divide our country.”

This all comes as new information about January 6th raises more questions than answers.

How did it happen?

Recent revelations show that a man called Ray Epps was caught in the hours leading up to the event convincing protesters and others in attendance to enter the Capitol.

Even though Epps was prominently and strategically placed right in the area where the police lines were breached, he was curiously never the focus of law enforcement or the Democrat-led January 6 committee.

Epps gained political notoriety after he told the committee he had just happened to be in D.C. for a “great family vacation” but his attempts to solicit gauze, tourniquets, and breathing tubes betrayed something potentially more sinister about his trip to the Capitol.

There are also dozens, if not hundreds, of witnesses who say U.S. Capitol Police opened up many of the doors and let the protestors in.

Others talk about the violent attack by police on an unarmed woman in one of the tunnels.

According to many witnesses that unfortunate protestor was then secreted out of the tunnel by police and later died of her injuries.

What else will the video show

These kinds of claims are damning and why it is highly appropriate to release all of the footage so the American people can finally get the truth.

Not just some Democrat and Liz Cheney-written report that ignores most of what occurred that day.

The fact that the newly elected Republican majority in the House is making moves to release all of the information pertaining to the events of January 6 is a welcome development.

In addition to likely proving that the Democrats were not acting in good faith by selectively releasing information that painted President Trump and his supporters in the most negative light, a full accounting of what happened on January 6 would go a long way to restoring faith in government by many who feel that they haven’t been getting anything close to the complete truth on the matter.

It would be a long overdue but necessary first step to lowering the temperature of the current political climate.

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