Matt Gaetz blew a gasket after he uncovered the truth about one prosecutor in Donald Trump’s latest indictment

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The latest indictment against Former President Trump has led many Republicans to cry foul.

It’s not just the lack of evidence but also the timing that has raised many red flags.

And now Matt Gaetz blew a gasket after he uncovered the truth about one prosecutor in Donald Trump’s latest indictment.

Prosecutor has a history of massively supporting Democrats

One of the lead prosecutors in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s attempt to convict former President Donald Trump of mishandling classified documents is also a past campaign donor to former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, and the Democrat National Committee.

The information comes from the Federal Elections Committee (FEC).

Karen E. Gilbert’s past political donations to Democrats were brought to light on Tuesday by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), and it wasn’t chump change, either.

Gilbert has donated over $2,000 to the past campaigns of President Biden and former President Barack Obama.

Gaetz sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, and has many of his staffers working with the Special Counsel to demand answers.

The Congressman wants the names of all the people working on the case in Smith’s office to be made public.

Additionally, he threatened to take Congressional action to defund Smith’s office.

“While there are innumerable valid legislative purposes for this request, it should be obvious that doing due diligence in vetting an office that has apparently done no vetting of its own personnel, or worse, might affirmatively be seeking to staff with sanctioned lawyers and partisan hatchet-men (and women), is an entirely appropriate purpose and one small reason I am requesting this information,” Gaetz wrote.

“The 118th Congress has procedural tools in place to allow for targeted rescission of funds from components or subcomponents of agencies that are not operating in the public interest,” he added.

Here we go again?

For many conservatives, this news fits an all too familiar pattern.

Smith’s predecessor, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, investigated then-President Trump for the “Russia collusion” hoax.

He too faced heavy criticism for hiring several Hillary Clinton donors, including the former attorney for the Clinton Foundation, a family charity that was at the center of corruption allegations against the Clintons.

Gilbert also has a checkered past because she was once reprimanded by a federal judge for secretly recording a defense lawyer and his investigator, according to Breitbart.

Trump appeared in federal court in Miami on Tuesday for his arraignment, the first of any President or former President of the United States.

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