Mark Cuban was at a loss for words after his Shark Tank co-star Kevin O’Leary dropped this epic truth bomb

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Major companies and brands such as Target, Bud Light, and Disney are learning the hard way that American consumers are sick and tired of having woke indoctrination forced down their throats.

These blue chip companies and many like them have dabbled in woke insanity and are now seeing their stocks plummet with no end in sight. 

But billionaire Mark Cuban was at a loss for words after his Shark Tank co-star Kevin O’Leary dropped this epic truth bomb. 

O’Leary is not buying Cuban’s take on “woke capitalism”

Over the past month or so, major companies, like Target, Disney, and Bud Light parent company AB InBev, have lost billions in market capitalization and revenue after bowing down to the woke left-wing outrage mob. 

This sharp decline in their respective values are sending shockwaves across the business world over the potential effects of playing these sorts of political games. 

Nonetheless, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last week, billionaire entrepreneur and investor Mark Cuban voiced his support for companies who engage in woke marketing.

According to Cuban, “There is a reason almost all the top 10 market cap companies in the U.S. can be considered ‘woke.’ It’s good business.”

“Most CEOs have enough experience to know to just wait out the news cycle until they go to the next one,” he added.

These remarks caused a stir in the business world, with many experts speaking out in opposition to these claims. 

One such dissenter is Cuban’s Shark Tank co-star, Kevin O’Leary, who skewered his fellow Shark’s take on injecting woke extremism into businesses.

“When you get involved in partisan issues, you basically lose 50% of your constituency,” O’Leary told Fox and Friends. “Why you would do that when you’re a consumer goods or service company, everybody’s learning, makes absolutely no sense. The role of a business, a corporation in America for the last 200 years, has been to serve customers, their employees and their shareholders. Their role is not to educate society on the social issue of the day.” 

“They’re learning that very quickly,” he added. “And in the case of business, you can measure it by the second when they’re public by the stock price. When you lose nine, 10, 11, $12 billion of market cap, you know that you’ve offended somebody and that person is your customer. That’s bad business. Really bad business.”

After years of silence, Americans are revolting against wokeism

The woke left-wing outrage mob is on the march, and forcing their radical Marxist agenda onto every facet of Americans’ lives is their top priority.
Upending western culture as it’s known today is a key part of this sinister plan, which is why they are bound and determined to replace American flags with rainbow flags, and groom children from a young age with woke extremism, turning them into brainwashed left-wing foot soldiers.

The good news is, more and more Americans are waking up to this sinister plan by the day.

And the recent pushback against wokeism is only the beginning. 

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