Marjorie Taylor Greene sent Democrats into hysterics with this brutal takedown of “the true racists”

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Democrats and their media allies love nothing more than to accuse anyone who dares disagree with their woke agenda of being a so-called “racist.”

The facts tell a different story though.

But Marjorie Taylor Greene sent Democrats into hysterics with this brutal takedown of “the true racists.”

Americans have had enough of Democrat-orchestrated attacks against former President Donald Trump 

During Russia’s tyrannical Joseph Stalin regime, Soviet Secret Police Chief Lavrentiy Beria famously said, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”

Today, this sort of Soviet-era corruption exists all across America, particularly as it pertains to the many criminal charges against Trump. 

In Georgia, for example, Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis has dedicated millions of taxpayer dollars to find something to arrest Trump over. 

However, this witch hunt has backfired on Willis spectacularly, as salacious and wide-ranging corruption allegations have emerged. 

Setting these scandals aside, Willis and elected officials like her have implemented policies that place race and other identity policies above everything. 

For example, details have emerged, detailing how Willis mandated her employees engage in woke extremist indoctrination through DEI training.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) spoke recently with Breitbart about these programs.

“[Democrats] are the true racists, and this is pure racism,” Greene explained. “It’s not protecting minorities. It’s not protecting black people from being mistreated in any way whatsoever.”

“That training program, according to your source, couldn’t even move forward on until he labeled white people bad,” she added.

Government entities and corporations all across the nation have implemented similar programs, which have similarly created widespread outrage. 

As a result, many large companies have started to move away from DEI programs and initiatives, fearing that the programs could negatively impact their bottom line. 

Last November, Newsweek reported on the matter, claiming American companies are cutting down on their inclusivity initiatives in the workplace, a new report from DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) solution company Paradigm found.

Using data from 148 companies and hundreds of thousands of global workers, Paradigm found a 13-point decrease in the number of companies that collect employee feedback through inclusion surveys or focus groups in 2023.

Democrats have overplayed their hand on DEI, and now Americans are fed up. 

Many Americans have grown tired of the ridiculous and nonsensical DEI programs that take place at many colleges and universities, corporations, and government entities. 

These programs have revealed themselves as nothing more than racist brainwashing seminars, designed to sow hatred for anyone who dares disagree with Democrats’ woke extremist agenda.

As public support for these sorts of programs dwindles, experts predict even more companies to divest from DEI.

Regardless of race and background, Americans simply do not want to hear extremist elites rant about how evil working-class Americans are for simply disagreeing with their woke agenda.

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