Marjorie Taylor Greene is warning the GOP establishment of civil war within the party over this contentious issue

The Midterm elections have left a lot of heads spinning, including some of the most influential voices in politics.

Many Republicans are asking themselves what endorsement or policy position cost them their success.

Others like Marjorie Taylor Greene are warning of civil war within the GOP if they can’t figure out this major issue.

Republican Party facing strong divisions amongst their ranks following lukewarm Midterm election results

In the wake of the Midterms, Republican politicians and organizations need to ask themselves what they can do better if they want to survive the next two years and take back control in 2024.

Looking at the competition, Democrats do one thing well and that is forcing their party to get along well enough to pass legislation.

The Republican Party has long been plagued by attacks from within its own ranks when new caucuses are formed. 

Shortly after the Tea Party rose to popularity it was dismantled from within by partisan actors that didn’t want to see independent coalitions.

Meanwhile, groups like the infamous Squad on the Left can propose the most offensive positions or radical policies and their party will stand by totally silent.

MTG says the GOP needs to learn to work together even if it means “fighting it out”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is now warning that if the GOP can’t learn to work together then it could lead to a civil war within the party between America First politicians and establishment Republicans. 

The House Republican also warned that working together might be a battle on its own.

In an interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Greene told Bannon “In order for us to succeed, we’re going to be forced to work together,” adding even if that means “fighting it out . . . I’ve always said I’m not afraid of the civil war in the GOP. I lean into it.”

Greene warned “because it is so difficult . . . we have to dig in sometimes, and we have to do everything we can to stop our enemy.” 

She reminded Bannon’s audience that “the enemy is the Democrat Party. That’s the enemy of America, because they are destroying our country and selling us out.”

She says that because American First Republicans and traditional GOP members have this common enemy that the “conference has to unify.”

Major concerns arise around a divided Republican Party when it comes to Speaker election

She pointed to the current division amongst Republicans in the House and what that could mean for the speakership. 

Many America First politicians are doing everything they can to take McCarthy out of the running for the position.

Greene doesn’t seem sold on this strategy. 

Speaking on the idea of Rep. Andy Biggs taking the role on, she said “we have to put someone in for Speaker that is going to be elected, and not allow the Democrats to pull away one or two [votes], because that’s what they want to do.”

She says we really don’t want to see a “never-Kevin movement” result in an “open door to Nancy Pelosi handing the gavel to Liz Cheney . . .”

While she certainly didn’t endorse McCarthy, Greene promised she wouldn’t let Cheney take control of the House of Representatives.

Though if the Democrats want it to happen, she cautioned, “Believe me, they can do it. It can be done.”

While it’s never happened before, the U.S. Constitution and House Rules don’t require the Speaker of the House to be a member of Congress, meaning a regular citizen could be elected Speaker.

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