Marjorie Taylor Greene is introducing a resolution that may expose certain Democrat lawmakers

It has barely been nine months since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Biden administration has already sent over $60 billion to the war effort. 

Now the White House is seeking Congressional approval for additional funding that would bring that total to more than $100 billion.

But Marjorie Taylor Green has had enough of the reckless spending and is introducing a resolution that will expose certain Democrat lawmakers yearning to send more of your money overseas.

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants documents “relating to Congressionally appropriated funds” to Ukraine

In a video posted to social media platforms, Marjorie Taylor Greene announced a major resolution aiming to audit every dollar that the US Congress has approved to send to Ukraine.

She is “requesting the President and directing the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State to transmit . . . certain documents to the House of Representatives relating to congressionally appropriated funds to the nation of Ukraine.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been an ardent critic of the US involvement in Ukraine and regularly questions where all of our tax dollars are going to.

“I’m demanding an audit of all United States taxpayer dollars that have been given in any form to Ukraine,” Greene said.

Greene is looking back as far as Biden’s inauguration day – long before Putin invaded Ukraine

An interesting detail in her resolution is that it is covering every dollar that has been sent since January 20, 2021. Implying that Greene has reason to suspect that the number is larger than that $60 billion most people are discussing regarding Ukrainian aid.

Greene then went on to point to our issues with defending our own border. 

She says, “We aren’t defending our nation’s border, we want to understand how American tax dollars are defending another nation’s border.”

This is a valid point and one that is deeply concerning for many Americans. 

We’ve had record illegal immigration under the Biden administration and deadly fentanyl is pouring across the border.

Donald Trump spent much of his Presidency fighting to secure the southern border and he said it could be done for only $8 billion. 

Some people might have questioned that estimate, but even the highest guesses would have put it at $25 billion. 

That would’ve been a one-time cost versus what seems to be a new annual budget line for the Ukraine war of $100 billion. 

It’s easy to say Americans would prefer a wall on their southern border instead of pumping money into a European war.

Failed crypto giant FTX has connections to Ukraine war and also to Democrats

There is much more to the Ukrainian war funds than just the total bill though.

The collapse of crypto giant FTX has affected many account holders around the world. 

Many are wondering where all the money went while others are looking at the major institutions partnered with FTX. 

The Ukrainian government being one.

The Clinton family-linked founder, Sam Bankman-Fried has been a longtime supporter of the never Trump crowd. 

In fact, according to Ken Griffin, the CEO of Citadel, “on the balance sheet at FTX there’s a line called ‘Trump lose’ and Sam was the second biggest donor to the Democrat Party.”

Looking at the FTX ties to Ukraine and their ties to Democrats – many are speculating whether or not some of the money made its way back into the hands of Democrat politicians.

If Marjorie Taylor Greene succeeds, then we will all find out.

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