Liz Cheney is still threatening Donald Trump despite voters handing her a historic smackdown

As far as the Republican Party is concerned, Donald Trump still reigns supreme. 

Despite this, there are still Never-Trumpers who are doing everything in their power to take down Donald Trump. 

And Liz Cheney is still threatening Donald Trump despite voters handing her a historic smackdown. 

Donald Trump is still the head of the GOP and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

Despite everything that went down in 2020, Donald Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party and he will almost certainly run again for President in 2024.

Nearly every poll shows that he has a sizable lead among the Republican field, and unless something crazy happens, he will almost certainly get the nomination. 

But not everyone in the Republican Party is ready to hand Trump the nomination. 

One such person is the disgraced Never-Trump RINO Liz Cheney, who recently lost her primary challenge for Wyoming’s at-large House seat.

Cheney has been at the forefront of the witch hunt to prosecute Donald Trump for his alleged involvement in the January 6 riot, and few have been as outspoken as she has against the former President. 

But now that Cheney is set to be removed from her House seat, she has made it clear that her political career is anything but finished in her eyes. 

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Liz Cheney sat down with fake news anchor Chuck Todd to discuss her future ambitions, and Americans everywhere were shocked by what she said. 

Chuck Todd began, “Donald Trump ends up the nominee in 2024. You’ve said you won’t be a Republican anymore, so it implies you think the Party can be saved.”

Cheney replied, “I think the Party has to come back from where we are right now, which is a dangerous and toxic place, or the party will splinter, and there will be a new conservative party that rises if Donald Trump is the nominee of the Republican Party, the Party will shatter, and there will be a conservative party that rises in its place.” 

Todd replied by asking “What would it take for you to run for President?” 

To which Cheney laughably replied, “I’m going to be focused on all the things we’ve been talking about. I care deeply, as I know you do, as millions of people do about this nation and about the blessing we have as a constitutional republic. So whether that means helping other candidates, helping to educate people around the country, I have been on a number of college campuses, very inspired by the young people, but I’m focused on what we have to do to save the country from this very dangerous moment we’re in, not right now on whether I’m going to be a candidate or not.”

She followed that up by saying “Well we’ll do whatever it takes as I said. He will not be President again.”

For a politician, this is as good as a candidacy announcement.  

Whether or not Cheney runs for President herself, which seems likely based on those comments, she will certainly try to be a thorn in Trump’s side for the foreseeable future. 

Unfortunately for Cheney, the American people do not support her crusade to destroy Trump and the Republican Party. 

Not only is she a bad candidate, but she has no real vision for America other than taking out Donald Trump. 

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