Leftists have the most ironic complaint of all-time with New York City’s black Democrat Mayor

Whether the Left or their Fake News Media allies want to admit it or not, there’s a major rift within the Democrat Party.

The adoption of Marxism and socialism by the most deranged Democrats has put them at odds with anyone who doesn’t push the most extreme form of the radical Left’s agenda.

Now leftists have the most ironic complaint of all-time with New York’s black Democrat Mayor.

New York has become ground zero for Democrats’ race war

You won’t see this on any corporate-controlled media outlet, but there’s a race war happening in the Democrat Party.

And nowhere else in the country is it more evident – and now public – than New York City.

You see, on January 1, Democrat Eric Adams was sworn-in as the 110th Mayor of New York City to much fanfare from Democrats and their Fake News Media allies.

They couldn’t stop talking about how much “everyone” loved Mayor Adams, and couldn’t wait to see all the “great” things he was going to do for the people of the five boroughs.

Now though, there appears to be a slight issue with the Mayor and the most radical leftists in his voter base, as Mayor Adams has taken what they believe is an “aggressive” approach to combating crime in one of America’s most dangerous cities.

According to a new report from The New York Times on the left-wing rift, they take particular issue with Adams’ decisions to bulk up police patrols and re-establish “roving anti-gun street squads.”

The only problem the left-wing extremists in the Democratic Socialist of America, unions, and even the state legislature are running into is the fact that Eric Adams is black.

And as they told The Times – on record, for that matter – they can’t go to their typical attack angle of calling someone they disagree with “racist” when he’s a black Democrat.

For example, New York Assemblywoman Latrice Walker was quoted as complaining that Mayor Adams’ policies were similar to those implemented by former New York City Mayor Rudy Guilianni, but it’s not easy to call a black Democrat “racist.”

“At least when it was Giuliani, we had a finger to point at him to say: ‘He’s racist and this isn’t fair,’” the Assemblywoman said. “But how do you do that when the Mayor is a black man?”

Oh, how the turntables have turned.

Of course, it’s a total fabrication to suggest that the radical Left won’t call someone a “racist” if they’re black.

They’ve done it repeatedly to conservatives like Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT), Herschel Walker, and every one else they’ve called “Uncle Toms.”

But what is most troubling to the radical Left in New York City right now isn’t just that they can’t call their black Democrat Mayor a “racist.”

It’s as if Democrats are seeing their own reflection for the first time

According to the white co-chair of the New York City Democratic Socialists, Jeremy Cohan, the biggest problem the extremist Left has is that their fellow Marxists and socialists who are white seem to be unwilling to speak out against the black Mayor out of fear of being labeled a “bigot.”

You don’t say? 

Color us all shocked.

In fact, Cohan went so far as to tell The New York Times that non-black leftists honestly can’t speak out against Mayor Adams because he’s a black leftist, and black leftists are morally superior to all others – seriously, this is real life.

“Black progressives definitely speak with an air of moral authority,” Cohan said. “In politics, there’s shared experiences and shared interests. I think our belief in D.S.A. is that we need political leaders that have both of those things.”

But Cohan isn’t too worried about that, apparently, as he believes Adams’ declining approval rating will allow people of all races to feel more comfortable sharing their opinions.

“What actual improvements of working people and peoples of color lives have you shown?” Cohan, who again is white, said of Mayor Adams. “Nothing much to speak of.”

This is the very definition of prejudice.

It’s the very thing the radical Left claims up and down that they are fighting against, yet here they are pushing it harder than anyone else on Earth.

Make no mistake about it, this warped sense of reality left-wing radicals are attempting to force on the rest of the world is dangerous.

The idea that the supposed “leaders” of the most extreme left-wing groups and organizations in America are not only believing in and acting on the idea that another group is morally superior because of the color of their skin, but are actually saying it out loud to the so-called “newspaper of record” should terrify every American.

This isn’t “progress.” 

This isn’t “equality” or “equity” or whatever the Left is calling it now.

They’ve already adopted the same “many vs. few” rhetoric that was prevalent in Germany circa 1933, claiming that all the problems of society can be traced to the “few” – those people who the elitists in power (the “many”) disagree with and thus must be destroyed.

And now, they’re adopting the same “racial superiority” nonsense too, albeit 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

It’s never been about “equality” for the radical Left.

It’s always been about superiority.

And that’s obviously not changing anytime soon.

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