Left-wing environmental extremists are coming unglued after one of Democrats’ top “green” partners made this move to build an EV factory

Photo By Rathaphon Nanthapreecha from Pexels

Democrats have claimed for years that their environmental extremist agenda is all about saving the planet from the supposed impacts of climate change.

But their actions continue to prove that their environmental extremist agenda is nothing more than an authoritarian scheme to seize more power and control over working class Americans.

And now left-wing environmental extremists are coming unglued after one of Democrats’ top “green” partners made this move to build an EV factory.

A Chinese green energy giant, backed by Michigan’s own Democrat-controlled government, is embroiled in a scandalous plot that threatens the heart of American security. 

Gotion Inc., a subsidiary of China-based Gotion High-Tech, has sparked fury by bulldozing trees in Mecosta County, Michigan, to make way for a mammoth electric vehicle (EV) battery plant. 

Critics, including national security experts, fear this hypocritical project could compromise U.S. safety.

Despite mounting opposition from Republicans and security experts, Gotion is pushing ahead with its controversial plan. 

Chuck Thelen, Gotion’s Vice President, condemned so-called “extremist groups” who supposedly spread “misinformation,” and insisted on the legality of their actions. 

But is the truth being buried beneath layers of deceit?

Michigan DemocratGovernor Gretchen Whitmer’s alliance with Gotion has raised eyebrows. 

Despite widespread concerns, her regime has earmarked millions of taxpayer dollars for the project, even as opposition intensifies. 

Are Michigan’s interests being sacrificed for political gain?

Gotion’s project has set off alarm bells amongst environmental extremists.

Marjorie Steele, a vocal opponent, warns of potential violations and calls on federal agencies to intervene. 

With no permits filed and vital environmental checks ignored, is Michigan’s ecosystem under siege?

Former CIA Directors Leon Panetta and Mike Pompeo have sounded the alarm, cautioning against the project’s security risks. 

Yet, Governor Whitmer remains unmoved, prompting fierce backlash from state Senators. 

Are Michigan’s safety and sovereignty being compromised for profit?

As criticism mounts, Governor Whitmer remains tight-lipped. 

Calls to halt funding for Gotion’s project have fallen on deaf ears, leaving many wondering whose interests she truly serves. 

Is Michigan’s fate in the hands of foreign powers?

With Gotion’s sinister agenda laid bare, the battle for Michigan’s soul intensifies.

Will Governor Gretchen Whitmer plunge her state into peril?