Kevin McCarthy made one promise that has Democrats outraged

One issue that does not get nearly enough attention from the regime media is the border crisis. 

Just about every single day, thousands of undocumented illegal aliens are flooding into America from America’s southern border with Mexico and there does not appear to be any end in sight. 

But Kevin McCarthy made one promise that has Democrats outraged. 

Illegal immigration is causing unmeasurable harm to the United States

As it stands, the crisis that is unfolding at America’s southern border with Mexico is one of the largest and most significant threats to the nation. 

And over the last two years while Democrats controlled the federal government, little to nothing was done to address this crisis. 

Thankfully, Republicans will take back control of the House and major changes will be coming to Washington, D.C. especially when it comes to addressing the border crisis. 

Kevin McCarthy, who will likely be the next Speaker of the House, told his supporters exactly what he plans on doing when it comes to the border crisis in the upcoming days and months. 

While talking to a group of supporters in Las Vegas last Saturday, Kevin McCarthy claimed that “We’re gonna get a new update [on the border] because you know why? When I become Speaker [of the House], we’re going to move a hearing down on the border, and I’m going make it bipartisan on both sides.” 

He then went on to say “Another promise I’ll make you – I will not allow [Biden] to ignore it. As Speaker, I’ll have the meeting there. Then make them all show and see what’s happening.” 

He concluded his statements with “Tuesday, I’m going down to the border again.” 

This is a huge move in the right direction when it comes to addressing the border crisis. 

Hopefully, McCarthy makes good on his promise to press the Biden administration on this key issue, because without any help from the White House, it will be very difficult to make any meaningful progress. 

What is next when it comes to the border crisis

The sad truth is, it does not appear as if the invasion happening at the southern border will stop anytime soon. 

Having Republican control of the House is an important step in the right direction, but as long as Democrats control the Senate and White House, little will get done on the federal level. 

The biggest ally in the fight to secure the border is currently the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. 

Since Joe Biden is refusing to do his job by protecting the border, it is now up to Abbott and other border state Governors to take immediate and decisive action. 

If the southern border is not secured, then the future of the nation is very bleak. 

Not only does mass illegal immigration cause serious harm to the economy, massive amounts of drugs and other contraband routinely pass through the border, causing even more problems for Americans. 

Securing the border should not be so political, especially given the alarming amount of deadly fentanyl and other drugs that are pouring through the border and eventually killing thousands of Americans. 

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