Kevin McCarthy just went the extra mile to fulfill a major promise he made to conservatives

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In his bid to become the new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy ran into a buzz saw.

Twenty conservatives refused to vote for him to be Speaker unless he made serious concessions that limited his and the establishment’s ability to handcuff conservatives.

But now Kevin McCarthy just went the extra mile to fulfill a major promise he made to conservatives.

A riot to be sure, but a weak one at that

To Democrats, radical leftists, the corporate-controlled media, and Big Tech – not to mention spineless RINOS – the events of January 6, 2021 were an “insurrection.” 

And some of them really believe a few hundred unarmed, idicotic protestors wandering through the Capitol, and sitting at former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s desk, was an attempt to overthrow the United States government.

Of course, most of those calling it an “insurrection” are only doing so to win political points with their radical left-wing base.

To call it an insurrection is truly laughable.

A few hundred people entered the U.S. Capitol, sometimes even with permission from security who opened the gates and doors for them repeatedly, and vandalized it. 

While it was obviously the mob mentality run amok, and something that should never happen, it was nothing more than a protest gone too far.

Despite the facts, Democrats formed their notoriously incompetent January 6 Committee, charges were issued, and dozens of Americans were raided and arrested, including many who are still being held without trial.

There has been a growing chorus of Americans who are demanding the release of all the footage from that day, as they believe it could not only prove that January 6 was not a so-called “insurrection,” but that it could also even contradict the entire narrative contrived by the federal government itself.

“Excerpts will begin airing in the coming weeks”

The release of the footage was a promise – one of many – made by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in order to win over some of the more conservative Members of the House Republican caucus.

And despite rumors to the contrary, Speaker McCarthy announced he was doing just that.

In fact, the Speaker turned it up a notch, and announced he was turning all of the footage over to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

And unsurprisingly, Democrats and the legacy media freaked out.

“Carlson TV producers were on Capitol Hill last week to begin digging through the trove, which includes multiple camera angles from all over Capitol grounds,” Axios’ Mike Allen reported. “Excerpts will begin airing in the coming weeks.”

Just the News reported that the decision to release the footage to Carlson was solely the idea of Speaker McCarthy himself, a report that has also been confirmed by other outlets.

For all of you who doubted…”

According to Allen, McCarthy “has given Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage from the Jan. 6 riot, McCarthy sources tell me.” 

The decision was also announced by Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who took a bit of a victory lap over McCarthy following through on the promise, as she was one of the few conservatives to stand by the California Congressman throughout the race for Speaker.

“For all of you that doubted we would release the tapes, Here you go!” Greene wrote on social media.

Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was the only person at the Capitol to lose their life on January 6, as she was shot and killed by Capital Police during the protest.

Several other individuals who were present that day, later passed away from unconnected causes, including suicide.

Carlson has previously described the events of January 6 as an “outbreak of mob violence, a forgettably minor outbreak by recent standards.”

As Marjorie Taylor Greene said, “Americans deserve to see the truth, not a one sided narrative and unfair two tiered justice system.”

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