Kevin McCarthy just sent this strong message to Joe Biden and his cronies

Ever since Republicans won back the House of Representatives, Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear that he is not willing to work with them at all. 

Instead of putting America first, Joe Biden is once again putting himself and the radical agenda of the far-left first. 

But Kevin McCarthy just sent this strong message to Joe Biden and his cronies. 

For more than two years now, Joe Biden and some of his Democrat cronies have complained about how divided America has become. 

Yet, Biden and these far-left radicals have made it very clear that they are not willing to work with Republicans on anything. 

Joe Biden is willing to destroy the American economy if it means advancing his radical agenda

Now that Republicans are in charge of the House, most Americans believed Joe Biden would have to start working on compromises with the GOP. 

However, just recently Joe Biden made a bizarre and divisive statement when asked by reporters about the status of debt ceiling negotiations with House speaker Kevin McCarthy. 

When asked about the status of these talks, Biden told reporters he would not negotiate saying childishly, “Show me your budget, and I’ll show you mine.”

Kevin McCarthy responded to this strange comment by saying, “For the president to say he doesn’t want to negotiate something this large… When you think back to 2011, when he was Vice President, they even called the negotiations over the debt ceiling, the Biden negotiations.”

McCarthy added, “I mean, to think that the president believes there’s no place in government you can’t cut and have a savings for the hardworking taxpayers?  There’s so much waste out there, and we’ve got to put ourselves back on a trajectory that balances.”

Kevin McCarthy is right about this one

Time after time, Joe Biden has proven that he does not actually give a damn about hard working American taxpayers.  

All Joe Biden cares about is himself and advancing the leftist agenda of radical Democrats. 

Radical, out-of-control, spending has resulted in insanely high inflation, higher prices, and a bevy of other economic woes. 

No politician in their right mind should be calling for debt ceiling increases given the tenuous state of the United States economy. 

And it’s not just Joe Biden who is wrong on this, both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of spending too much, and of increasing the debt ceiling time and time again.

But the simple fact is Democrats are mostly to blame. 

Fiscal irresponsibility is the foundation of their entire platform, and Kevin McCarthy must not allow them to spend America into another depression. 

The future is not bright for the American economy

As it stands, the American economy is on the brink of a complete and total collapse. 

Out-of-control government spending has caused inflation to spike to 40-year highs, which in turn has caused the prices of most goods and services to skyrocket. 

Regardless of what Joe Biden claims about the economy, hardworking taxpayers are struggling. 

The last thing taxpayers need right now is a higher bill to foot. 

The federal government owes it to taxpayers to get their ducks in a row.  

One multi-trillion dollar spending bill after another has bankrupted the American economy, and it is about time for conservatives to fight back. 

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