Kentucky’s conservative black Attorney General says Democrats are abusive towards African Americans and he knows why

Democrats have a way of destroying any politicians and public figures who challenge their authority.

They weaponize activists parading as journalists or mobs of social justice warriors to rally against their opponents.  

Now Kentucky’s conservative black Attorney General says Democrats are abusive towards African Americans and he knows why.

The destruction of political opponents has become an art form to the radical leftists and their Democrat puppets. 

This is especially true of attacks on blacks who are  conservatives and Republicans.

Kentucky AG slams Democrats for racist stereotypes

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is blowing the whistle on Democrats. 

The 37-year-old African American lawyer is tired of how Democrats have treated “folks that look like [him]” and he’s starting to speak up. 

“I think, for far too long, some Democrats have tried to ask [the African-American community] to vote in one specific way,” Cameron said in an interview with Fox News.

He went on to explain that “if you don’t” vote Democrat and “if you express a difference of opinion or thought, then they recoil at that, and they give you a lot of grief on Twitter and other social media platforms.”

Cameron explained that everyone is different and that’s what makes this country great. 

He says he “firmly and fully” believes in the “American spirit and the innovative spirit of hardworking men and women all across the country.”

We could lose that “patriotic and innovative spirit”

He says that “common sense and fair play” were crucial in the rise of the Republican Party. 

“It was common sense and fair play that told Abraham Lincoln that this nation couldn’t live up to its founding unless it got rid of Slavery,” Cameron elaborated.

He warned that we would “lose that patriotic and innovative spirit” if we go another way.

Democrats have long liked to allege that GOP lawmakers are racist and xenophobic. 

Their attacks have been escalating in recent years and now are targeting black lawmakers with the same lines, but even more viciously.

In early 2021, Senator Tim Scott was subjected to a campaign on Twitter and in the media that asserted he was racist. 

It was all born out of him not following the narrative of what radical Democrats expect of anyone with black or brown skin.

They made “Uncle Tim” trend on Twitter

The attacks against Scott followed a response he gave to a speech that Biden delivered in which Biden described the country as racist. 

Scott felt the need to defend his nation against Biden’s unwarranted attacks.

The campaign produced major results on social media. 

The leftist activists had “Uncle Tim” trending on Twitter for nearly 12 hours. 

And an untold number of people saw posts comparing Scott to the old “Uncle Tom” trope. 

Scott said that Biden and the radical Democrats in this campaign were “pulling us further apart” and added that “nowhere do we need common ground more desperately than in our discussions about race.”

Byron is just “a prop”

Democrats have also recently attacked Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) for his efforts during the House Speaker nominations. 

He was nominated for the role in multiple voting rounds. 

Squad member and radical leftist, Cori Bush of Missouri, condemned his nomination and called him “a prop” for the Republican party.

There have been countless scenarios in popular culture and alternative media where black voices are silenced due to inconvenient political views.

The hypocrisy of it all is difficult to understand but it is catching up with them.

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