Karine Jean-Pierre said two words that left pro-life Americans outraged

Despite promising to be a unifier, Joe Biden has proven himself to be anything but.

This is especially given Joe Biden’s recent tirades against Donald Trump and conservative voters.

But Karine Jean-Pierre said two words that left pro-life Americans outraged.

Joe Biden is tearing America apart, breaking previous promises to unify

After Joe Biden became President, he made a promise to America to be a unifier and a voice for those who may not have voted for him. 

Unsurprisingly, this was a complete and total lie.

If anything, Joe Biden has ramped up divisive rhetoric in recent days and weeks, presumably in an attempt to rile up his base in the run-up to the Midterm Elections. 

Joe Biden even went as far as to call Trump and his 70+ million supporters “semi-fascists” and extremists. 

But Joe Biden and his regime are not stopping there. 

In a recent press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked whether pro-life activists should be considered “extremists” or “semi-fascists.”

Jean-Pierre did not decline and further went on to condemn the pro-life movement, saying it was “not in line with the majority of Americans,” and that the pro-life view promoted an “extreme agenda” focused on “taking away” rights and freedoms of other Americans.

Joe Biden’s hatred for the pro-life movement further underscores the division he is propagating in America. 

America is on the verge of collapse and Joe Biden’s failure to lead is almost entirely to blame. 

This is not just Joe Biden’s fault though, the entire Left has become increasingly intolerant, and everyone who does stand in line with their extremist view is completely disregarded. 

This is not how a democracy is supposed to operate, even though Democrats are making claims that Trump voters hate democracy. 

The truth is, it is the Left that despises democracy, the Constitution, and anybody who stands in their way. 

Joe Biden has an obligation to bring Americans together, but with a Midterm Election on the horizon, this is little more than a pipe dream. 

Joe Biden, the great divider

Joe Biden does not just despise people who do not fall in line with his radical agenda, but he has a fundamental hatred for America. 

This has been made abundantly clear over the last fifty years he has been in office. 

Democrats overall have become very intolerant, which is best exemplified by cancel culture, as well as their agenda which is hell-bent on identifying and segregating Americans based on their sex, gender, race, and every other difference.

The Left has a particular intolerance for the pro-Life movement, which was on full display following the Dobbs decision this past summer. 

The decision, which was disgracefully leaked by an unknown staffer, caused the Left to lose their minds and participate in riots all across the land, including in front of the homes of Supreme Court Justices. 

Things got so out of hand that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was nearly assassinated by a crazed pro-abortion rioter who was egged on by top Democrat politicians. 

The bottom line is, America needs to be unified now more than ever, but Joe Biden has zero interest in doing so. 

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