Karine Jean-Pierre nearly fainted when the White House Press Corps erupted in anger over Joe Biden’s latest unconstitutional scheme

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats assume their media allies will cheer on literally anything they say or do. 

Of course that assumption is rooted in the reality that self-proclaimed “journalists” have been doing just that for decades now.

But Karine Jean-Pierre nearly fainted when the White House Press Corps erupted in anger over Joe Biden’s latest unconstitutional scheme.

“I just don’t have anything” 

A good White House Press Secretary can play a big role in helping a President achieve his goals.

However, a bad Press Secretary can make the President and his lackeys look incompetent at every turn – not that President Joe Biden needs a lot of help on that front.

Enter Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and her infamous catchphrase, “I don’t have anything.”

KJP couldn’t even land an April Fools joke earlier this year. 

“So, I have something at the top for all of you, I think you’ll be very interested in this,” KJP began the briefing. “So, President Bidne has scheduled to announce he’s revoking the Hatch Act. So, as a gift to all of you, so now I can actually take all your questions about 2024.”

The White House Press Corps. groaned at Jean-Pierre’s attempt at humor. 

“No? I thought you would love that,” KJP said.

To which one reporter can distinctly be heard replying “no.”

And at one recent press briefing, the Press Secretary once again failed to read the room. 

Biden continues to violate a SCOTUS order 

KJP couldn’t wait to announce at the briefing that President Biden once again violated the U.S. Constitution, and an order from the Supreme Court, by unilaterally “canceled” the student loans of some 160,000 people.


“Today, we announce that the Biden-Harris Administration canceled student debt for an additional 160,000 people,” KJP announced. 

When she says “canceled,” what she means is that the federal government will now redistribute wealth by taking money from working Americans who paid off their college loans, or didn’t go to college in the first place, and using it to wipe away to debts of gender studies majors with no intention of living up to their responsibilities. 

Jean-Pierre added that the 160,000 brings the total number of student loan borrowers who have had their debts magically wiped away with other Americans’ money by the Biden regime to 4.75 million.

According to the press Secretary, the average debt relief comes to the tune of $35,000 – meaning the cost to taxpayers now exceeds $160 billion, even though Biden has never received Congressional approval for such expenditures, and such efforts have been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

KJP expected the press briefing to be a victory dance. 

But instead, she had to do some serious tap dancing. 

KJP suffers a FIGURATIVE brain freeze 

Right away, KJP was asked a question by one of Democrats’ media allies that she wasn’t expecting.

“Why don’t those individuals who didn’t receive $35,000 in debt cancelation deserve a $35,000 check from other Americans for whatever means they would want to use it?” the reporter asked.

Let the tap dancing begin!

“We’re talking about folks who are in debt who are literally being crushed,” KJP claimed in reply. “Literally being crushed because they took . . . they took . . . ya know . . .”

Ignore for a minute that she used “literally” twice instead of the more appropriate “figuratively.” 

Are college graduates really the only Americans “literally” being crushed by runaway Bidenflation and other effects of so-called “Bidenomics?” 

“And ahh. . . and so . . . they’re trying to get their lives back on track,” Jean-Pierre continued. “Right, they’re trying to get into a place, because they took, they took a bet on themselves in a different way. Right, a bet on themselves of going to college. And some of them, it is difficult to do that. Right, so they did that, financially it’s hurt them and we want to give them that breathing room.” 

By that logic, the reporter’s original question is even more sound. 

Why not just give $35,000 to anyone who needs some breathing room from the skyrocketing cost of living under Biden?

Why is it that those who are most likely to vote for Biden always seem to be the only ones who receive a helping hand from the regime?

Why does the Biden regime believe that it is working class Americans’ responsibility to sacrifice what little they have under the Biden Presidency in order to make college-educated Democrats’ lives even easier?

“The President is not going to step away from it”

From there, KJP started rambling about infrastructure and prescription drugs, never once answering the reporter’s actual question. 

But she did close by admitting that working class Americans should fully expect the Biden regime to continue forcing them to pay off even more Democrat voters’ student loans. 

“The President is not going to step away from it,” KJP stated. “He’s not going to back down. Because he believes it’s the right thing to do.” 

Meanwhile, the reporter is still waiting for an answer to his question. 

And Karine Jean-Pierre is still trying to figure out how to handle the rare instances in which she is confronted with actual journalism.

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