Kari Lake just held a press conference to publicly shame the corporate-controlled press for this hoax

Kari Lake has been slandered by the Fake News Media and her Democrat opponent since the beginning of her campaign in 2021. 

But she’s not the type to sit back and let the lies fly – she’s here to fight for Arizona and to show conservatives nationwide how to fight back like Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

And Lake just held a press conference to publicly shame the corporate-controlled press for this hoax.

Katie Hobbs has no policies to run on so she claims to be the victim of political violence

The Democrat candidate for Arizona Governor made an outlandish claim following an apparent break-in at her campaign office. 

Katie Hobbs was quick to release a statement, putting the blame on the GOP candidate, Kari Lake.

Hobbs’ letter started out talking about the break-in but quickly moved onto the “threats of violence over the course of [her] campaign” and blamed it on “Lake and her allies” for “spreading dangerous misinformation and inciting threats against anyone they see fit.”

She went on to accuse Lake of a “concerted campaign of lies and intimidation” that is resulting in “attacks on officials” and “threats against Arizonans attempting to exercise their constitutional rights.”

She has no policies to run on so the only thing she can do is play the victim card and act like Kari Lake is some sort of domestic terrorist. 

In reality, Lake just doesn’t take anything sitting down – she stands up and fights. 

Lake held an emergency press conference on how to make “fake, bogus, defamatory news”

So naturally she called an emergency press conference when the Fake News Media decided they would uncritically parrot the Hobbs campaign’s talking points.

Lake started the press conference by thanking everyone for coming, then went directly to the point, “We’re going to do a tutorial on how fake, bogus, defamatory news is made—at the hands of many of you.”

She said that just the night before she had been meeting with local police and firefighters talking about how she can better fund and protect them. 

While she was meeting with them she says Katie Hobbs, “pulled a stunt” and the media just ran with it without doing their “journalistic duty.”

She said, “it was malpractice of journalism like I’ve never seen” and accused the media of doing it “to influence the election.”

Lake explained that first the Hobbs campaign put out their statement, then the Arizona Democrat Party stepped in. 

She called Arizona Democrats the “gatekeepers” of the corporate-controlled press. 

The Arizona Democrat Party’s statement was the “cue” to the media, Lake argued, “to go ahead and start running with it.”

She added that “NBC news, an arm of the Democrat Party, was the first to start reporting on it” and that it quickly spread “like wildfire” amongst the rest of the media establishment.

Lake said “the world is watching us” and warned the press to do better

Lake gave a few examples of media outlets and pointed to UK outlet The Guardian. 

They called it another Watergate without doing any research. 

She implored them “you gotta do better guys.”

Lake knows they don’t want to do better though and that’s why she pinned them down accusing them of election interference. 

She argued the media is “trying to influence this election much like you did in 2020,” pointing to the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop bombshell.

One of Lake’s most pressing warnings was perhaps missed by most including the media in the room. 

“We know the world is watching us,” Lake warned.

The corporate-controlled press should be on notice as many have faced ratings free-fall.

Honesty in reporting is the most important thing to people these days but is about as rare as an honest career politician.

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