Kari Lake celebrated record single-day fundraising numbers and says she only has this person to thank

Kari Lake’s campaign has started a fire in the state of Arizona and it’s hard to say there’s anything that will slow her down.

She’s caught a lot of flak from establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle but still she persists.

Now she’s just celebrated record single-day fundraising numbers and says she only has this person to thank. 

Liz Cheney launches attack ad against Kari Lake with $500,000 budget

After Liz Cheney lost her primary in August, she promised to do everything she could to take down America First Republicans. 

She developed a multi-candidate PAC called “The Great Task” and she set her sights on her first target – Arizona’s Republican candidate for Governor, Kari Lake.

Cheney launched a $500,000 ad buy in Arizona with a video ad called Honor that assured the audience if she lived in Arizona that she “absolutely would” vote Democrat.

In the commercial she attempted to appeal to the fear that Republican Governors are going to start disregarding elections. 

It tried to make the case that Lake “will only honor the results of an election” if she agrees with it.

Kari Lake is a proponent of election integrity – not disenfranchising Arizonans. 

Lake credits Cheney as her “biggest fundraiser yet” with a record single day number

The day Cheney started blasting her disdain for Lake just so happened to be Lake’s best fundraising day in the entire of her campaign.

Lake took to her Twitter celebrating what she called “skyrocketing” donations. 

“We JUST hit $300k raised in a SINGLE DAY!” wrote Lake and gave all the credit to Cheney who she called her “biggest fundraiser yet.”

She told Cheney that the “recent television ad urging Arizonans not to vote for me is doing just the opposite” and that the ad had “nearly crashed” the campaign website because “people rushed to learn more about my plan to put Arizona First and join our historic political movement.”

Lake joked, calling Cheney’s ad buy a “generous in-kind contribution to my campaign.”

She sarcastically claimed concern that the ad buy might be breaking election rules, “While we appreciate your in-kind contribution, the $500,000 ad buy likely exceeds Arizona’s $5,300 individual contribution limit.”

Cheney was trying to close an 11 percent gap but Lake says it “should add another 10 points”

Truthfully, Cheney might have spent her money better somewhere else. 

According to the polls, Lake has had a decisive lead over her Democrat opponent, Katie Hobbs, for some time now. 

Most recent polls show Lake with a double digit advantage over Hobbs.

The significant lead wasn’t lost in Lake’s statement either. 

She said her team claims that Cheney’s commercial “should add another 10 points to our lead!”

Lake said that her campaign has been saying “the Cheney anti-endorsement” is the “gift that keeps on giving.” 

She finished the letter thanking Cheney and telling her, “Enjoy your forced retirement from politics. I know America will rest easier knowing that one more warmonger is out of office.”

The Midterm elections are basically here, and we can only hope that someone looks back and evaluates the effectiveness of Cheney’s “Great Task.” 

It might end up having the same reliability as the Donald Trump endorsement – but not in the way Cheney would hope!

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