Kanye West has officially sent the Left off the deep end with a move no one saw coming

When it comes to celebrities, none drive the Left crazier than music and fashion mogul Kanye West.

He’s refused to play the typical role of left-wing celebrity and isn’t afraid to call things like he sees them even when it’s to his own detriment.

Now Kanye West has officially sent the Left off the deep end with a move no one saw coming.

Not playing by the Left’s rules

Recently, billionaire rapper, producer, fashion designer, and businessman Kanye West – who now goes by Ye – has once again become the target of the Left’s destruction.

West made headlines once again after he donned a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt at a Paris fashion show, defending the decision by saying he wore the shirt because he believes white lives do, in fact, matter – just like all lives – and that the Black Lives Matter organization is a “scam.”

“Here’s my latest response when people ask me why I made a tee that says white lives matter… THEY DO,” West wrote on social media.

“Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter was a scam now it’s over you’re welcome,” he continued.

And it certainly didn’t help matters when West had the audacity to appear on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, even though West visited numerous media outlets at the time.

Of course, this was far from the first time the richest black man in history has been put into left-wing radical’s crosshairs, as he’s been a prime target for “cancellation” or worse since he first put on a red Make America Great Again hat and supported former President Donald Trump.

But it was apparently the final straw for Kanye West, and he’s now made a move that has finally sent the Left completely over the deep end.

“A groundbreaking move . . .”

On Monday, in a joint statement, Kanye West and Parlement Technologies, the parent company of social media company Parler, announced they had struck a deal for West to acquire the free speech platform.

“In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” West said in a statement.

According to the statement, West will finalize his acquisition of Parler by the end of the year, while Parlament Technologies will continue to provide technical support and private cloud services to create “an uncancelable ecosystem where all voices are welcome.”

“This deal will change the world, and change the way the world thinks about free speech,” Parlement Technologies CEO George Farmer said. “Ye is making a groundbreaking move into the free speech media space and will never have to fear being removed from social media again. Once again, Ye proves that he is one step ahead of the legacy media narrative. Parlement will be honored to help him achieve his goals.”

With Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk also in the process of closing a deal to acquire Twitter, the Left is up in arms over the idea that the two richest, most popular free speech supporters in America will soon take some control over Big Tech away from left-wing radicals.

“It also highlights how a small group of wealthy men, some of whom were banned or suspended themselves for incendiary remarks, are looking to own social media platforms in an effort to bolster what they call ‘free speech,’” CNN Business said of West’s acquisition of Parler.

Needless to say, the last thing Democrats and their lapdog allies in the corporate-controlled media want is freedom of speech.

They know that unless they have total control over the total flow of information – from so-called “mainstream” media outlets to Big Tech – the alternate reality they’ve pretended to exist will crumble and bring down their socialist house of cards.

And Kanye West buying Parler, and beginning to elevate the platform’s popularity, will only further loosen their stranglehold on power.

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