Kamala Harris’s latest stunt left voters scratching their heads

It has been nearly three years since the COVID virus swept across the world and created one of the most out-of-control panics the modern world has ever seen. 

Yet, many Democrats are still acting as if it is March 2020, with no end in sight. 

That’s why Kamala Harris’s latest stunt left voters scratching their heads. 

Perpetual unscientific COVID restrictions are destroying the fabric of America

Now that it has been three years since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, it is fair to say that COVID and the ensuing government reaction was one of the darkest moments in American history. 

At the snap of a finger, millions of Americans were willing to hand over their rights for just a tiny bit of perceived safety. 

Unfortunately, they based this on the unscientific and clearly wrong proclamations of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and we now know much of what he stated was false.

Of course, much of the insanity that surrounded the COVID pandemic was perpetuated by the radical Left, and three years later this insanity is still being peddled to America. 

Just last week, the United States Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Protocol Office sent out a message that any newly elected Senator would have to get a COVID test if they wanted to take a picture with Vice President Kamala Harris at their swearing-in ceremony. 

More specifically, the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Office said in an email that “The Vice President’s office has requested that we send their standard COVID-19 protocol information to offices participating in the reenactment opportunity in the Old Senate Chamber. Please see their suggested process below.  We look forward to welcoming all Senators and their families for the reenactment opportunity on January 3rd.”

This is a prime example of Democrats perpetuating the COVID panic for as long as people will let them. 

Although COVID is still a concern for some people, the simple fact is there is very little to worry about for the vast majority of Americans. 

Also, if Kamala Harris’s 7 doses of the vaccine are so effective, then why would she be so worried? 

The truth is, this has very little to do with protecting against COVID and everything to do with virtue signaling and keeping up appearances. 

Democrats will always try to use COVID as an excuse for more regulation

The bottom line is that Democrats will always use COVID as an excuse for more government oversight and regulation. 

When COVID first hit the scene three years ago, Democrats proposed and then implemented school closures, business closures, and church closures before anybody even knew what was going on. 

But when it came to race riots, violent protests, and things of the sort, COVID magically did not seem to be a factor.  

Interesting how that works out. 

Americans must never allow the government to wield such immense power ever again. 

As a result of the crazy overreactions to COVID, millions of children are severely undereducated, millions of jobs were lost, and millions of people suffer from paranoia and other mental health issues directly related to the shutdowns. 

At some point or another, Kamala Harris is going to have to get over herself and realize that COVID is here to stay and that it does not pose a significant threat to the masses any longer. 

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